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1) Support for latest iPad devices. 2) Crash Fix for OS9

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Blackjack 21 Multi游戏简介

** The #1 BlackJack Simulator with more features than any other BlackJack game in the AppStore, and without the real-cash Freemium model. If you lose your virtual cash, just use the in-game ATM and get more. (No In-App purchase required!) **


Bet up to 7 hands at a time, and split them up to 3 times. (For 28 total hands!!!!) [3 on iPhone / 7 on iPad]

This game has NO SILLY GIMMICKS, and is a true to life BlackJack simulator.

The game engine behind this game has been used in live internet casinos and has been verified by the government it ran in. This is why many have called the iPhone version, not just another BlackJack game but a BlackJack Simulator.

With an interactive learning mode, built-in bet cards, and many card counting systems you will learn to play BlackJack so you can win big when you visit a real casino.

Features Include:
* Play online multi-player games with up to 3 of your friend’s via GameCenter.

* Includes BlackJack Pass and Spanish 21 Game Rules

* A career mode with a bank borrowing system to track your true net winnings.

* Lots of stats including a full game log that you can E-Mail yourself to analyze how you can improve your game.

* Customizable rules so you can tweak the game your local casino and play styles.

* World-wide online leader boards so you can see how you compare to other BlackJack players (using GameCenter or the Plus+ network).

* A multi-count information screen which shows you how all the count systems work.

* Ability to leave the table or have CPU players play through the shoe, when the shoe is not in your favor.

* Continuous Shuffle Machine (CSM) option, to simulate today’s modern casinos.

* Over 10 Side-Bets such as Perfect Pairs, Match The Dealer, and more.

* A Cheat/Practice mode which allows you to try new game styles by peeking at the dealer’s hole card as well as the shoe, and not effecting your career mode data.

* 40+ achievements/awards to unlock, ranging from simple to diabolical, you won’t want to stop playing until you reach them all.

* Many card counting systems (including Red-7) to help you learn to count utilizing the True Count as well as a Count Action Card.

* A built-in help guide teaching you the rules of BlackJack as well as how to count cards. (In Help & Support)

* Fluid animation, lots of sound effects including an interactive dealer, and finger gestures mimicking real life casino hand motions.

* Optional CPU players to play alongside you.

* Free alternative downloadable sound packs (such as a Male Dealer Voice).


“This app is as serious as it gets, with minute control over every aspect.”
— Wired Magazine App Guide 2012 (BlackJack Sim 21 Pro Review)

“…..Blackjack 3-hand edition is “the” blackjack game for the iphone or ipod touch ….” – iphone-journal.com

“Overall this game packs so much, that I am surprised it’s on a portable device. …. This game is a must-have for any true BlackJack fan.” – AppStoreBest.com [5/5 Stars]


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** #1二十一点模拟器,具有比AppStore中任何其他二十一点游戏更多的功能,并且没有真实现金免费增值模型。如果您丢失了虚拟现金,只需使用游戏中的ATM即可获得更多。(无需应用内购买!) **


一次最多下注7手,最多分3次。(总共28手!) [3在iPhone上/iPad上7]




* 通过GameCenter与最多3个朋友玩在线多人游戏。

* 包括二十一点通行证和西班牙21游戏规则

* 带有银行借款系统的职业模式,可跟踪您的真实净赢利。

* 许多统计信息,包括完整的游戏日志,您可以通过电子邮件发送给自己,以分析如何改善游戏。

* 可定制的规则,这样你就可以调整游戏你当地的和游戏风格。

* 全球在线排行榜,因此您可以查看与其他二十一点玩家的比较 (使用GameCenter或Plus网络)。

* 一个多计数信息屏幕,向您显示所有计数系统的工作方式。

* 当鞋子对您不利时,可以离开桌子或让CPU播放器在鞋子上玩耍。

* 连续洗牌机 (CSM) 选项,模拟当今的现代。

* 超过10个边注,如完美对,匹配庄家,等等。

* 作弊/练习模式,可让您通过偷看发牌者的底牌和鞋子来尝试新的游戏风格,而不会影响您的职业模式数据。

* 40个要解锁的成就/奖项,从简单到恶魔般的,您都不想停止比赛,直到达到所有目标。

* 许多卡片计数系统 (包括Red-7) 可帮助您学习使用真实计数以及计数动作卡进行计数。

* 内置的帮助指南,教您二十一点的规则以及如何计数卡片。(在帮助和支持中)

* 流体动画,大量的音效,包括一个互动的经销商,和模仿现实生活中的手动作的手指手势。

* 可选的中央处理器播放器与你一起玩。

* 免费替代可下载的声音包 (如男性经销商的声音)。


-《连线》杂志2012年应用指南 (二十一点模拟21专业评论)

“….. 二十一点三手版是适用于苹果或ipod touch的二十一点游戏 …. ” – iphone-journal.com

“总的来说,这款游戏包装如此之多,令我惊讶的是它在便携式设备上。。…这个游戏是任何真正的21点粉丝的必备游戏。 ” – AppStoreBest.com [5/5星]


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