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Improved game play.

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Space War GS游戏简介

Space War is the space arcade game for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! Fly through the space and destroy waves of attacking aliens! Be prepared for the final battle!

• retro-style space game for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch!
• supports iPhone X/11 full screen display!
• multiple stages of continuous game play!
• innovative touch screen control
• supports iCade controller
• fast full screen alien formations and attacks!
• excellent soundtracks from Apple IIGS legend FTA!

•• Reviews ••
“Fun game! Give it a try, everyone.”
– No Quarter Podcast

“This game is simply fantastic.”
– BriefMobile

“I miss Galaxian. This has great graphics and action. I even play it with a stylus.”
– app review

“My husband love this game – He really like this game, hew said is similar to a game he used to play when he was 10.”
– app review

“Amazing app! I love it! You have to download this! Very fun and smooth!”
– app review

•• Special Thanks! ••
• Olivier Goguel of FTA
• Hameed for background image

Note: Space War DX is the old name for Space War GS.

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It’s just boring. Not what I expected. Maybe good for watch but not good for iPad or iPhone


It is like a large penis that got stuck


I feel it dumb cause it doesn’t support my series 2


It’s meant to be controlled with the crown, not the touch screen, which is what the neg reviewers were most likely doing.


This game is awesome, and pretty cheap. Fun gameplay. There’s action but also thinking. Reminds me a bit of old Nintendo games, but with much better graphics and better gameplay of course. If you’re into this kind of games buy it for sure, you won’t be disappointed.


I purchased the app thinking it was going to be a game to use in my free-time but it’s not what I expected. Would like a refund had this game less than 4hours


I decided to give the underdog a chance. Totally paid off. This game is fun. Works flawlessly on the series 4. There's times where I need to kill time and don't have my phone on me. They make you completely empty your pockets before getting in line to ride a coaster at universal Orlando for example. No phone, but I'll still have this fun game on my watch to keep me occupied while standing in line. As the dev keeps mentioning, use the crown to control the ship. I'm having zero problems, just fun. I think operator error is the reason for low star ratings.


游戏太贵 感觉不值 玩着还行 还不更新 太枯燥 还是可以切换飞机就好了 武器太少




People are a bit critical of this game. For 2 bucks it’s a cool watch game with retro graphics. Use the Digital Crown instead of finger on screen for quicker control. Dev seems to make frequent updates so even better.


Two versions of the exact same game, one game where you get one life with very little goals and a game that is ok at best. Not worth the price.




手表版什么时候才出个boss呢 哈哈哈 感觉会很难打 但还是很期待手表版更新boss系统现在手表版的套路都摸清了 4w分了哈哈


I only purchased this to have a game on my Apple Watch and this seemed to be the least silly of the limited games available. I realized immediately what a bad choice it is. While it works great on the phone, on the watch your finger tip covers a good portion of the screen and you can’t see the ship and objects. Also does not respond well to touch on the watch either.




I bought this to play on my Apple Watch series 4. The game opens to a black screen and that’s all you get. It will not launch. I hope Apple has some kind of refund policy because this is completely useless.






Downloaded and found that it would randomly jump to center of the screen and I don’t have a problem with any other game. If not for that would be a fun game.


Exciting little game to take the edge off the day on ur iwatch


It takes long to load and sometimes dose not respond to touch, but other than that this game is a blast.




Downloaded app, does not show up on Apple Watch, doesn’t even show up as compatible, waste of a dollar




Bought this for a quick play on the Apple Watch. It is a great time filler. It’s even more fun on the bigger screen of the iPhone. LOVE it! Simple. Just wish there was a setting to turn off sound and music.


I can’t get the app on my Apple Watch, I have the Watch app and it isn’t an available app to add to my watch... any suggestions?


Great and simple game that can be played easily on watch whenever you want to. Fast gameplay, great for a quick fix while waiting on hold or something 😂


I really like this app. It is finally an app that seems to be using the watch for entertainment. It is simple and fun. Probably just a little diversion when your waiting in line or something. Overall, good app!


Worth the purchase Especially for the Apple Watch Entertaining


I really wish other developers would come up with some more solo watch games like this one it's great to kill time while waiting for the docs And stuff LOL LOL LOL


怀旧的小游戏,配乐很带感,手机上玩儿配乐很给劲儿! Watch 上体验也很不错,数码表冠操作很流畅!休闲放松的好游戏🎮


Really fun game but it some times freezes


Game is fun enough for the Apple Watch. Game broke with one of the updates but now it works fine.


App crashes on Apple Watch and even when deleted and reinstalled doesn't work, at least the app works on my phone so it's not wasted money


Really cool and simple game for watch yet complex! Easy to play and addicting!


This is a fun space arcade game. Crown works great as a controller and little to no lag on my Apple Watch 1. Work the buck. Not I can quickly and easily escape work for a quick space battle on my wrist.


It won't work on my Apple Watch. The screen come up with the plane but it won't let me actually play the game. Any suggestions please I really want to play it on my watch


Found your secret song.


I wasn't expecting a demanding game here, just a basic rail shooter. But it is a terrible, repetitive shooter that annoys you with ads, even on the lock screen in iOS 10, requires purchases to make the game anything but fundamentally basic, and the watch app could very well be made by a 7 year old. It has no music, 2 sound effects, the background never changes and the collision detection is terrible. And unlike the actual crappy iOS game, the watch game lacks diverse enemies, any power ups, and is completely mindless. I can't believe this app costs money. I always buy an app if it will result in removing advertisements and nagging, and this app does that more than any free ones I have. Avoid like the plague. There are way better games for the watch.




Works and looks great, best that I have seen


Awesome sauce! Will give 5 stars when game center high scores come. Gotta have competition!


Nice, simple and attractive game! Would be great on Apple Watch as well as iPhone.




Run ultra smooth on my Retina iPad mini and iPhone 5s! A must try!


I figured since the dev took the time to spam our non-iOS forum to advertise his game is give it a try. It's about as lame as I imagined. Deleting now.