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Forget the hassle of carrying another card! The LettuceEats app gives Frequent Diner Club members access to all of your account features straight from your mobile phone! You can seamlessly find restaurants near you, make a reservation, view your account balance and transaction history, get points, and redeem reward dollars.

Main Features

• Join our Frequent Diner Club: Enroll for exclusive member benefits!

• Make Reservations: Discover restaurants and make reservations at over 120 locations in Chicago, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Frequent Diner Club

• Earn one point for every dollar spent.

• Every 150 points automatically converts to $10 reward dollars to be used for food and drink.

• Exclusive and custom member offers.

• Be the first to know about our new restaurants and happenings.

• Reach silver and gold status. The more you spend in the calendar year, the more you earn per dollar spent.

• View your account balance, transaction history and rewards.

• Check into a location to receive a mobile code to earn points and redeem reward dollars.

Additional Features

• Locate Restaurants: Find the restaurants closest to you, get directions, view menus, phone numbers, hours of operation and more.

• Cuisines include: American, Pizza, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Burgers, Seafood, French, Asian, Latin American, Steaks, Wine and Cocktails, BBQ, Ramen, Sushi, Spanish Tapas and Paella, Japanese, Nightclubs, Dessert and Crepes, Tacos, Margaritas and Carry Out.

• Purchase Classic or eGift Cards: Send to yourself or gift to someone else. eGift cards can be personalized with a photo and gift message.

• Store your eGift Cards: Save your eGift Cards in the app for future use.

• Check your balance: For Classic or eGift Cards.

• 3D Touch: Open the app with 3D shortcuts to quickly access main features.

We’d love to hear from you. If you need help or have suggestions on how we can improve our app, write us at mobile@leye.com.


The Official Windy City Smokeout Fes..
The Official Windy City Smokeout Festival Mobile App. Use it to check out the lineup for 2022, activate your wristband, use the festival map, receive exclusive offers & more!
托克为您提供全球独一无二的烹饪体验。随时随地探索托克的餐厅、酒庄、弹出窗口、酒吧和预订。 发现、预订和管理预订 •发现和预订独特的烹饪体验。 •随时随地轻松管理预订。 •加入备..
托克为您提供全球独一无二的烹饪体验。随时随地探索托克的餐厅、酒庄、弹出窗口、酒吧和预订。 发现、预订和管理预订 •发现和预订独特的烹饪体验。 •随时随地轻松管理预订。 •加入备受垂涎的桌子和时间的等待名单。
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Colectivo应用程序可以很容易地订购,并享受作为一个Colecttivo咖啡馆奖励会员的好处-在应用程序上订购,赚取和兑换您的收藏夹积分,用手机扫描支付,利用仅应用程序的促销活动,等等。 特点 • 跳过与移动订购的线路 • 路旁无接触订单提货 · 通过每一次合格购买获得奖励 • 兑换奖励点的咖啡和你最喜欢的饮..
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Forget the hassle of carrying anothe..
Forget the hassle of carrying another card! The LettuceEats app gives Frequent Diner Club members access to all of your account features straight from your mobile phone! You can se..
The Official Windy City Smokeout Fes..
The Official Windy City Smokeout Festival Mobile App. Use it to check out the lineup for 2022, activate your wristband, use the festival map, receive exclusive offers & more!





Fantastic food, fantastic service, and an overall fantastic experience. Thank you!


Great app to follow progress and see opportunities


With pandemic going on no clear directions as to how to use rewards for pickup.


ThThe app is so eady to use




excellent food


Service was outstanding!


Easy to use


I hate that I can’t update/change my last name. I’ve tried several times online as well


To restrictive no point for carry out during COVID-19 come on no point on gift cards


When you order take out, it’s very difficult to use gift cards or points to pay.


Can’t refresh gift card amount without closing the window


Love it


Went to elwoods tonight everything cold and late for pickup.


The best rewards system in Chicago land, excellent food and wine! I stop by every single day, it’s my kitchen!


Very poor ability to add gift cards. I always like companies that don’t make it hard to spend money.


Lettuce is always a consistent quality and customer experience. I always know I’ll have a great time and a great meal.


I entered a gift card in the app on Christmas Day and note I look for it in the app and it’s not there. Careful about using the app and keep the card!


Brought my entire family and was embarrassed . I organize corporate events to Lettuce spots all the time the this was the worst visit vet.


So many issues with this app. 1) you need a better way for “members” to get credit for their dining. Writing a code on a receipt obviously doesn’t work because I didn’t ger credit for my dinner last night. 2) you need to add a real feedback form in the app. Relying on the IOS email app to collect feedback is lazy. 3) the app is SLOW. Even on the restaurant’s own wifi, it took over 15 minutes to get the app data loaded and working. Here are a few suggestions: 1) allow customers to pay their checks via the app. 2) don’t compete with open table. I like having one app to make my reservations. Your rewards app should just be that.


Doesn't work-profile always unavailable.


This App is amazing to see your points and rewards . It also provide you a great selection of Restaurants in your area




I think I thought it would be gimmicky, but it’s pretty decent, actually!


I’m disappointed that my birthday rewards point has been removed. I didn’t realize that it has an expiration. I was at Joe’s Seafood, WDC on 12/4 had lunch with my best friends. First of all, they made a mistake of serving a raw hamburger. You can see the juice of meat blood when you slice the hamburger. He clearly requested for a well-done grilled hamburger. In fairness, the restaurant manager came to our table to apologize and offered “something” in house while waiting for his hamburger being redone. So he ordered a Havana cream pie. Again, they made a mistake of adding the Havana cream pie on my bill. They took it out from my bill, it they have removed my birthday reward points equivalent to $15 only. Seriously...??


I have been regularly eating at the Big Bowl for 7 years. It is my go to place for potstickers and stir fry bar. Recently I have started eating their salmon as the protein in the stir fry bar. The salmon is my new favorite with curry sauce and a bowlful of vegetables. A touch expensive but all fresh and high quality ingredients. I also enjoy the shiitake mushrooms in the stir fry bar. I highly recommend giving it a try.


Everything at lettuce is great!


This app is amazing I have never waited in line and I love the summer perks


I’m writing with regret I enjoyed going to Wildfire in Glenview almost every week till one of the Hostess was so rude that my daughter will not go back. It started with us forgetting a envelope with 300 in cash on the table. We would spend $150 to over $200 every week Andover a year before we signed up for the perks. You can reach me at 8472761823


Convenient and easy to use. Real time tracking of points let’s you quickly see what is available to redeem


This app is great to make our reservation and plan our date nights with assurance that we don’t have to wait for a table.


App is good but Would be helpful if you could add physical gift cards that you get to the app so you don’t have to carry them around. It would also be nice to be able to view restaurants or menu items by dietary restrictions.


Absolutely fantastic organization with awesome restaurants


So easy to use. Nothing but great experience!!


Wish I could see all of my upcoming reservations easily instead of having to search the restaurant.


Wildfire is hands down my favorite place to eat. It never disappoints. The food is always good and so are the cocktails!!!


My favorite fish place in the suburbs! Stellar food and service!!!


Make it easy by listing. Unable to find credits or info on last reservations


We have a couple eGift cards that we tried to add to the app, for the past few days we keep getting try again later. Was looking for a better way to manage the egift card rather than carrying around the printout Restaurant finder is horrible




I was a member of the Lettuce rewards program long before the app launched. I was skeptical about downloading yet another app that takes up space on my phone BUT this one actually has value add. It’s easier to acquire and redeem points through the app. It also enables you to easily make reservations and see your points balance. Simple, easy user interface. This has become one of my most frequently used apps!


It doesn’t make sense to have an app that requires both the customer and the server to manually input user reward information. 90% of the time I don’t receive points for the meals that I have had. Don’t waste your time with the app.




Poor. Confusing. Lots points and was Embarrassed at Joe’s in Las Vegas. One star was a very generous rating


No way to redeem points after the fact.


Great way to earn free money towards the many Lettuce restaurants. Food never disappoints.


Overall, a very easy app to use. There are so many restaurants that I wish there were an alphabetical margin to allow you to jump to your selection instead of endlessly scrolling.


Love this App! Awesome! Who wouldn’t use it? Simple, Smart and Fun!


Hi there, I wanted to let you know of a bad experience I have had 3 times in a row sitting at the bar in the outdoor conservatory. I love the food, drinks, and atmosphere, but I really must tell you about the bad odor at the server area of the bar. Each time I have sat there for drinks and or a meal, it smells terribly like moldy/mildewed towels that have been wet and dry over and over. I really live the restaurant and could not bring myself to write a bad Yelp review. Please take under advisement Las Vegas, NV 89123


I haven’t done anything and have points. I’m at a restaurant and want to check in and can’t. What the crazy!!