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Several small improvements and bug fixes.


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Now the Target app can help you have a more rewarding Target run! Introducing Target Circle, which gives you access to hundreds of deals, a birthday gift and the chance to support your community.

Plan your next Target run by checking out Target Circle offers, the Weekly Ad and item availability all in one place. Then streamline your run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews and available deals.

Wallet is the fastest, easiest way to pay and save in store. With one scan, you can pay with your credit or debit RedCard and redeem Target Circle offers, gift cards and Target Circle earnings.

With improved iPad support, the app makes it easy to shop from anywhere, allowing you to search our entire selection, complete with online promotions and flexible ordering options. Order quickly and securely every time, then choose to pick it up at your local store or have it delivered to your home.

Do Not Sell My Info-California Residents







It’s the best app I’d consider you downloading this and I am not gonna spend hours on just a review. Download if you haven’t


Unable to sign in app. I keep greeting error message. I tried deleting app but I keep getting same error. This has been going on for a very long time.


Best app ever


This is the fastest most convenient way I love it it makes it so easy


Always the best!


So very thankful for the drive up option! Target staff is always friendly and prompt with orders. Target app is super easy to use.


Please let us know when you log us out of the App!!! I love using the Wallet feature. BUT, we NEVER know when you decide to log us out of the app. Everything looks normal and you let us bring up the Wallet bar code (I even check before I get in line to make sure). But then I’m at the self check out looking like an idiot because I’m scanning my Wallet barcode and the machine beeps, and I stand there and wait while the machine does NOTHING. No message on my App either. I keep trying and trying and I keep getting a confirmation beep but still nothing. Now I become one of those idiots holding up the line and have to ask for help. Person shows me that I have been LOGGED OUT of the App and I need to select my Red Card in the App and Log back In. What a hassle, especially when I’ve got 2 factor authentication set up!! How about this simple idea....WHY DON’T YOU POP UP A MESSAGE THAT SIMPLY SAYS PLEASE LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT?????!!!!!!! What a concept!! Please fix it so we don’t get this “ha ha psych” mode, making it look like it’s all ready to go when it’s not. I mean, having the Wallet bar code pop up like it’s supposed to and then realize it doesn’t work.....why in the world do you allow this to happen?? Can’t believe this isn’t the number one complaint. Such a simple fix I can’t believe you haven’t fixed this yet.


Bags are $.10 in California. Except when they bring them to your car. Then they’re $1.00.


This is the most restrictive and unfriendly in-store app on my iPhone! My purchases are no longer saved despite scanning the Target barcode on my Apple Watch at the self-checkout aisle, which used to work in the past. Today I discovered barcodes can no longer be saved in my Apple Wallet because the code changes on every visit! So why does the checkout terminal acknowledge the barcode that automatically appears on my Apple Watch when in the store? Because it turns out it is my good old Cartwheel barcode which now is obsolete! Apparently old software still exists which triggers the Cartwheel barcode on my Apple Watch, yet there is no error message in the self-checkout terminal to inform me the code is useless. Today I tried to remedy the situation by scanning all my recent Target receipts, only to find they are not scannable after seven days! Come on Target, why does your iPhone app have to be so restrictive and unfriendly for in-store purchases?


That’s all I can say about target!!! so many things at reasonable prices from house decor to clothing... also love that I can get some of my grocery shopping done as I splurge on all the wonderful pillows they have this spring 🌷🌸🌺🌼


I live in a super rainy town and have a tendency to slip on wet surfaces. Target’s Drive Up pick up has literally saved my butt many a time. I really appreciate having this service available. 😊❤️🤙🏽


My favorite store Forever Target i shop here all the time with my family


Target,Love your online services. It’s so quick and easy to make a purchase. I’m in and out in jiffy!


I love the way when I order something for store pick up and it’s not available, that you offer me alternate options and free delivery , that makes it so much easier than having to start over again and the product is usually very similar so overall a great experience


Slow, gets hung up, error messages, freezes, etc. To the extent I end up ordering same items multiple times. It’s a waste of my time to write positive product reviews and get consistent error messages. We are on Wifi and no other devices except 2 iphones and a cpu. If Target continues to “woke” everything I’ll have to find another on-line retailer. I prefer political neutral retailers.


Love shopping at target even though my husband not so much 🤪🤪


Excellent, fast and convenient shopping and checkout. Target is the best.


The app is pretty awesome except I use the mobile wallet all the time and it always asks for my card number. What’s the purpose of the mobile wallet if I have to keep entering my card number. Isn’t that why I have a password and why I enter my card pin. It’s annoy.


Just got the app used it once abs ITV was brilliant! Now I go to order again and I keep getting a “ can’t process card message” I’ve reentered the card. It is funded and it refuses to work. VERY FRUSTRATING


Haven a day that you need to get things done but have a toddler around, it is very convenient to get your order ready and have your husband pick it up. From miscellaneous to groceries , it is perfect. Time saver and frustration free!


Easily see offers and the weekly add. Quick search to find anything and many options to order and receive items 👍


If something is out of stock, there is no way to substitute it for something else. This is super annoying when another size IS in stock (like condiments) or another brand is available. There is no way to search for just what you type in. The search will start ignoring words. Longer searches give crazy results, and shorter ones too many. There's no winning. Finally, there's no way to really search JUST the store you want, no matter how many settings you turn on. Nor is there any way to search items that aren't almost out of stock. Almost out of stock means likely not going to get it, which leads back to problem number one.


Soooooooo EASY... love it


I love how easy this app is use, regardless of the shopping method you choose. Target’s drive-up pickup is definitely my favorite of all the stores I shop at.


Please allow more circle offers to be available for pickup. Very frustrating to always have to go in store to use these.


Trying to decipher between an online order and one that’s at the store for same-day delivery can be a bit difficult.


I love Targét ! Lol it's honestly so easy to shop online, it's a little hard to find everything I'm looking for sometimes when I want clothes for me and my 2 year old because a lot of certain clothes are online only. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the same day delivery though and I can always count on a fast delivery time, unless it super super busy! I just love Target


I wanted to go back and add more to my cart when I purchased the sheets. I wanted to add additional pillow cases.


I use the app a couple times a week! Very easy for me to plan my grocery orders, and makes shopping easy


The manager at target Kearny Mesa disrespected me in front Of customerS telling me I was stupid And that I bought my Item at Escondido store and can only return it at that store however I purchased the item via the target app and picked up the iteM from Escondido not purchased at Escondido. I showed her on the app where it says you can return any iteM purchased on app to any target store and she told me no and that I am forced to keep whatevr I purchased for 24 hours before I can even return it. She pretty much made me feel like I was nobody and laughed about it as customers watched me do the walk of shame out the front door. I was furious and wanted to go crazy but I was able to control myself! Anyways I can explain more if you would like to talk to me. Let me know. Thanks.


The only thing I don’t like about the app is that the walls portion is not very user friendly. I’d like to think I’m an avid app shopper so I show be able to quickly be able to learn how to use the wallet portion. There are some great deals on the wallet and it if we’re on a banner reminding me I would use the app more often.


Keep canceling my order I only order the same thing every time and you guys keep canceling it please stop


App appears to have separate notification settings, one for notifications related to your orders in progress, another separate one for marketing (“25% off sale on tablecloths” or whatever). Unfortunately, it doesn’t respect those settings; even if you have marketing notifications turned off, they still come through. The only solution is to disable this app’s notifications entirely in the phone’s settings, which means notifications when orders are ready. Otherwise, app works fine for shopping and curbside pickup. Would be nice if it had a feature to share barcodes so one person could place an order and send it to my phone for pickup.


The process you have to go through to add something to your cart is frustrating. There should be an add to cart feature next to the items and once I’ve pushed add to cart don’t ask me to push add to cart again.


I shop at Target all the time and this app makes my shopping experience quick and easy every time!!


Me encanta esta app porque te da cupones digitales ❤️ y también puedes escanear los precios 🤑


Like using the site but at times many it’s are not available or out of stock. I don’t know if the site can offer let me know when item is back in store to order feature. I want to mention for target packers to use padding when packing cans with Potatoes chips because I have received orders with the chips crushed or glass candles packed with can soups and glass get broken in transport. But Target always does; quick replacement of the items damaged.


I love target. They make is so easy to shop with them. I love that they have pick up and curbside and same day delivery options. Really makes it better for me since I have a small baby and I don’t like to take him out during this whole pandemic .


Target never disappoints. Love the app!


I’m not sure why Target thinks it’s a smart business move to NOT use Apple Pay. The first purchase experience matters. It doesn’t matter much that you’ve saved my credit card for future use if you made checkout such an unnecessary pain that I’m not coming back. I know that sounds petty, but your competition has figured it out already.


Easy to use and very convenient if you need to make a return!


It’s so great to shop online and pick up in store.


Not create account and they can not the problem.


It’s so easy ordering online & picking up your order. Target is a favorite store foe me!!


The app recently stopped letting me check out online without entering a 4-digit pin which I don’t know and haven’t ever needed. Very frustrating.


I could not groceries delivered. Disappointing.


Absolutely love the app love it to shop browse the circle offers see discounts get ideas it’s my fave shopping app before Walmart or Amazon !!!


The app offers options for standard shipping, store pickup, and curbside pickup (“drive-up”). All in one place. I find this especially convenient given that I am trying to limit my time at the store or avoid going as much as I can. With my local target’s drive-up service, the team members sometimes arrive before I do so it is a faster service compared to the competitor store.


Clearly they need more “fridge” space..... can’t even place an order for groceries half the time without it telling me I can’t unless I take the refrigerated items out.


Everybody is always very helpful and friendly to help me find what I need.