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Sellers can now opt in to receive tips from buyers on QR code purchases. The seller has the option to configure predefined tip amount options, which the buyer can either select or enter a custom amount. Crypto – You can now buy, hold and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the PayPal app (US Only) Open banking now available with PayPal Consumer Cash Card (US Only) Notification Center UI update Emoji and Rich Media optimization for P2P


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Our new PayPal app is a simple and secure way to get paid back for last night’s takeaway, send money to friends who have an account with PayPal, check PayPal activity, choose currencies to send around the world and more. Plus, we’ve added some new features we think you’ll love…

• If you’re buying, simply scan the QR code to pay securely with your PayPal app.
• Whatever you’re selling, now you can quickly set up a QR code and get paid in person, all with just your phone.

• When funded by a bank account or balance, it’s free and secure to send money or ask for it back from friends and family in the US.
• All you need is an email address, mobile number, bank account, cash pick up service point or mobile top up details. *An account with PayPal is required to send and receive money. If you don’t have an account with PayPal, you can sign up for free quickly and easily.
• NEW FEATURE: just type a name, email or phone number and PayPal will find the right person for you.
• Request money quickly and securely from friends or family with just a few taps.

• Never miss a thing – keep on top of payments and sending or receiving money, with instant push notifications.
• Check out all your latest PayPal activity, by just logging in.

• Easily transfer funds from your bank balance to your account with PayPal.
• Shop in-store, online or everywhere Mastercard® is accepted and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.
• PayPal Cash Plus account required to get the card.

• You can be sure PayPal will help keep your financial information secure, with commercially available encryption, and fraud detection. All that plus monitoring transactions, 24/7.

Not all features may be available in your market.



* 新 * 一种免触摸的付款方式
• 如果您要购买,只需扫描QR码即可使用PayPal应用程序安全付款。

· 当由银行账户或余额提供资金时,向美国的朋友和家人汇款或索要退款是免费和安全的。
• 您只需要一个电子邮件地址,手机号码,银行帐户,现金提取服务点或手机充值详细信息。* 需要使用PayPal的帐户才能汇款和收款。如果您没有PayPal帐户,则可以快速,轻松地免费注册。
• 新功能: 只需输入姓名,电子邮件或电话号码,PayPal就会为您找到合适的人。

• 永远不要错过任何事情-通过即时推送通知保持付款和汇款或收款的基础。
• 只需登录即可查看您所有最新的PayPal活动。

• 轻松地将资金从您的银行余额转移到您与PayPal的帐户。
• 在店内、在线或任何地方购物万事达卡®在全球自动取款机上接受并提取现金。
· 贝宝现金加账户需要获得卡。

• 您可以确定PayPal将通过商业可用的加密和欺诈检测帮助确保您的财务信息安全。所有这些加上监控交易,24/7。








Love PayPal! Easy to navigate and wonderful customer service. 爱贝宝!易于导航和出色的客户服务。


I’ve been using PP for about 10 years with no more than 2 minor problems which they fixed right away. Now I’m a buyer most frequently, I’ve only sold half a dozen times. Like I said; it works for me, the reason for 4 stars is the recent less than stellar service.
我已经使用PP大约10年了,没有超过2个小问题,他们立即解决了这些小问题。现在我是最经常的买家,我只卖了六次。就像我说的; 它对我有用,4星的原因是最近的服务不如恒星。


The app doesn’t work for my PayPal MasterCard. I have to call to pay my card. What’s up with this? 该应用程序不适用于我的PayPal万事达卡。我必须打电话支付我的卡。这是怎么回事?


I have pay pal for 15 years now never had an issue especially now that they added crypto I have the app And everything is so much easier buying and selling crypto 👍 我有15年的pay pal,现在再也没有问题了,尤其是现在他们添加了crypto,我有了应用程序,而且买卖crypto都变得更加容易


I have used PayPal for several years. It is convenient and secure. 我已经使用PayPal好几年了。它既方便又安全。


Is awesome if you don’t have one you need to hurry up and get one it is the best thing I’ve done 太棒了,如果你没有,你需要快点买一个,这是我做的最好的事情


Thank you for making PayPal so easy to do and quick. I feel safe with PayPal again thank you 感谢您使PayPal变得如此轻松快捷。我再次和贝宝在一起感到安全,谢谢


It is too hard to reach PayPal on the telephone.When I go online it redirects me to messages. Then I received answers it don't make any sense to what I'm asking. It's very frustrating, and irritating. I'm very disappointed in PayPal for having such poor customer service at this point. I've been a customer for many years.I do not think the fact that there is a COVID-19 pandemic should be in a interfering with customer service.People are working from their home now so that reaching customer service shouldn't be an issue ever!I'm having trouble with a return because I can't get the response button to work correctly so I can't respond with a tracking number. I've tried to reach Customer Service and I keep getting messages that are wrong. Until this problem is alleviated I cannot recommend PayPal to anybody! 😡🤷🏻‍♀️
通过电话联系PayPal太难了。当我上网时,它会将我重定向到消息。然后我收到了答案,这对我的要求没有任何意义。这非常令人沮丧和恼火。我对贝宝 (PayPal) 的客户服务如此糟糕感到非常失望。我已经做了很多年的客户。我不认为新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行的事实应该干扰客户服务。人们现在在家工作所以到达客户服务不应该是一个问题!我在退货方面遇到了麻烦,因为我无法让响应按钮正常工作,所以我不能用跟踪来响应数。我试图联系客户服务,但我不断收到错误的消息。在这个问题得到缓解之前,我不能向任何人推荐贝宝!‍♀️


I downloaded the app and thought it would be easy to use but someone sent me money and It took 11 days to come into my account and when I tried to accept the money I had to verify my account and I gave them the info they asked for and had to wait another 8 days will never use again


Literally won’t let me log into my bank and made me pay there %3 fee ended being over $15 just to use their app won’t use again 从字面上看,不会让我登录我的银行并让我在那里支付 % 3费用结束超过15美元,只是为了使用他们的应用程序不会再使用


I liked the app but the customer service should be better. 我喜欢该应用程序,但客户服务应该更好。


First time using the PayPal app to send money but seemed to work well. Somewhat confusing getting app. Set up being I already had a PayPal account and they keep asking for a password and it wasn’t accepting by account password. Finally just signed into my account and it worked from there.


It is very hard to get to your orders and the resolution center. When you have an issue with a seller or don’t receive an order it’s horrible. I have spent hours in hold on the phone and finally a message says customer service is closed. It took me several months to get back over $100. Today I am looking for orders and feel I am in a western union site I have a refund coming we will see if it’s better !


I have been trying to reach a live person to ask if I set everything up correctly. I play games that earn money from different apps. I need to no the information I give them is correct. Have them explain to me how can they put money on my PayPal account by just my email I use for communication through work and family and friends same email also puts money on PayPal missing 700 dollars that should have arrived by now! HELP ME PAYPAL!!!


Great way to pay 支付的好方法


So eBay forces me to use PayPal if I want to sell stuff. Okay, no problem, I’ll just link my bank account. Except I can’t, because they need to verify me with my phone number. Problem is, the only option they give me is my old number and will not let me change to my current number because “that type of number isn’t supported”(??) Ok.. so even tho I wanted to put this money into my savings account I guess I’ll make a PayPal account and keep it there. Nope, they need my Social Security Number, but every time I try giving it to them it says an error has occurred, please remove the file. Ok. So my only option if I want to to keep the money I got from selling my stuff is to pay for a paper check in the mail and go to my bank every time, or pay a 1% instant transfer fee. 1% isn’t a lot but when you’re paying rent on minimum wage and trying to save for college, it begins to add up. So I’m suffering a 1% loss on my transactions because of this crappy middle man eBay forces upon me. Thanks, PayPal.
因此,如果我想出售东西,eBay会强迫我使用PayPal。好吧,没问题,我就把我的银行账户联系起来。除了我不能,因为他们需要用我的电话号码验证我。问题是,他们给我的唯一选择是我的旧号码,不会让我更改为当前号码,因为 “不支持这种类型的号码” (?) 好 .. 所以即使我想把这笔钱存入我的储蓄账户,我想我会做一个贝宝账户,并把它留在那里。不,他们需要我的社会保险号,但是每次我试着给他们的时候,它都说发生了错误,请删除文件。好的。所以,如果我想保留我卖东西的钱,我唯一的选择是支付一张纸质支票,每次都去我的银行,或者支付1% 的即时转账费。1% 不是很多,但是当您以最低工资支付租金并试图为上大学存钱时,它开始增加。因此,由于eBay对我的这种卑鄙的中间人,我的交易遭受了1% 的损失。谢谢,贝宝。


My family and I feel pal pal helps us during emergencies thank you paypal 我的家人和我觉得朋友在紧急情况下帮助我们,谢谢贝宝


Absolutely horrible, can’t find my balance can’t see my balance no notifications of money received. Should have a balance even if it’s $0.00. Ridiculous and not user friendly. 绝对可怕,找不到我的余额看不到我的余额没有收到钱的通知。即使是0.00美元,也应该有余额。荒谬且不友好。


I’ve had PayPal for several years, they have been the best to work with me. Easy and safe. Thanks 我拥有PayPal已有好几年了,他们一直是与我合作的最佳选择。简单安全。谢谢




I am now going to be switching to something else pay pal takes days to respond and when they do you dont even get anywhere!!! They just screw with your money if they want to i am a small business just starting so my money is very Important and so isnt my customers wait time its very unprofessional figure it out pay pal!!!!
我现在要切换到其他东西,pay pal需要几天的时间才能做出回应,而当他们这样做时,您甚至都无法到达任何地方!如果他们愿意,他们就会用你的钱。我是一个刚刚起步的小企业,所以我的钱非常重要,所以我的客户不是在等时间,这很不专业!


Over the last 21 yrs I’ve watched and Helped PayPal grow and get better w/app change suggestions they listen to and implemented. This is the Safest way to move money for every reason you can thinks of!!! Heck, I just bought a little Bitcoin to let them hold on to for me and let IT Grow. We hope Grow is rt.


Love PayPal it is amazing 爱贝宝,太神奇了


Love it!!!


PayPal has taken my money, they request personal information and will provide no timeline on when I’ll have my money returned... it’s been over a week. 贝宝 (PayPal) 拿走了我的钱,他们要求提供个人信息,并且不会提供何时退还我的钱的时间表...已经一个多星期了。


I’ve had PayPal for around 10 years, it’s always worked great for me and always able to talk to customer service if need be 我拥有PayPal已有大约10年的历史了,它对我来说一直很有用,并且在需要时始终能够与客户服务部门交谈


PayPal makes it super easy to buy online and I trust the app. No worries. 贝宝 (PayPal) 使在线购买变得非常容易,我相信该应用程序。不用担心。


Good and keeps you on 很好,让你继续前进


Again thanks SJ


I don’t t like how you guys place 21 day holds on my money when I have provided shipping information and tracking numbers. Also after my people have already gotten their stuff. 当我提供了运输信息和跟踪号码时,我不喜欢你们如何将21天放在我的钱上。也是在我的人已经得到他们的东西之后。


They let me get ripped off so after 16 years of use i am deleting my account, which they make impossible to do. Keep taking sides with scammers in china and letting down loyal customers see how that works out!!!


I have win about $ 1,500.00 in game called ,POP NUMBER in January 21 2021 and I haven received anything I tried so many way to get my money and I haven’t get any . 我在2021年1月21日赢得了大约1,500.00美元的游戏,流行号码,我已经收到了我尝试了很多方法来赚钱的任何东西,但我没有得到任何东西。


PayPal makes online buying a snap. When there are multiple sites with the same product, the one taking PayPal gets the nod. Only one database to worry about vs many when it comes to credit card security.
贝宝 (PayPal) 使在线购买变得很快。当有多个网站使用相同的产品时,使用PayPal的网站会被点头。在信用卡安全方面,只有一个数据库需要担心。


Have had Paypal for 20 years as well. Its been mostly good...some of the info on purchases are a bit cryptic and you have to drill down deep to figure what transactions are but its been pretty helpful for online sales and purchases. Customer Service is great when I’m right, they have stood behind me with online transactions that can be tricky when they dont work out. Recommended
贝宝也有20年了。它基本上是好的... 一些关于购买的信息有点神秘,你必须深入研究什么是交易,但它对在线销售和购买非常有帮助。当我是对的时候,客户服务很棒,他们支持我进行在线交易,当他们不解决问题时,这可能会很棘手。推荐


PayPal customer service is virtually non-existent. Every single time I attempt to make a purchase I encounter some kind of problem. Such as, my payment is declined. I have substituted cards, but they are not excepted. Please close my accounts. Alternatively, you have my goddamn phone number… Try calling me!
PayPal客户服务几乎不存在。每次尝试购买时,都会遇到某种问题。例如,我的付款被拒绝了。我有代替卡,但它们不例外。请关闭我的账户。或者,你有我该死的电话号码…… 试着打电话给我!


I do truly like their Direct deposit. I get all my deposit without any issues. I just hate that I have to pay $3.95!!!! To load cash on my card that’s not cool. 我真的很喜欢他们的直接存款。我得到了所有的存款,没有任何问题。我只是讨厌我必须支付 $3.95!在我的卡上加载现金这不酷。


Not fair in practice they take a lot of liberties during Covid not seen in recent days. When making a payment note to self they do not give you what they are going to auto pay themselves when other arrangements have been made. Self serving company. CSR give you one figure and it magically changes.


Amazing service and most importantly great security for fraud protection. 惊人的服务和最重要的是伟大的安全欺诈保护。


has a help tab, yet no help options at all. i have been trying to delete my account for a few weeks now because it keeps getting hacked and i get emails almost every week from paypal saying the suspend my account because unauthorized users have access. yet when i ask them to delete my account due to me not using it anymore, no replies, no help, and the account is still in service. i have asked them three times to delete it, same problems, and i am still getting the emails about unauthorized users having access.


I have been with them for over 20 years. Because of Covid we have gone internet consulting full time. For 20 years we have never received one complaint. How because of the internet people are able to use our services for six months and pay use with paypal and after the consulting is finished they can go back and demand they never received the products......there is no products for the people to receive.....it is a online. The seller is not protected in any way. BE CAREFUL. ONLY HAVE YOUR CLIENTS SEND THE MONEY VIA FRIENDS AND FAMILY. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU ARE PROTECTED. WE HAVE NOW CHANGED OUR POLICY TO NOT TO EXCEPT FUNDS ANY OTHER WAY. PROTECT YOURSELF
我已经和他们在一起20多年了。由于Covid,我们全职进行了互联网咨询。20年来,我们从未收到过一次投诉。由于互联网的存在,人们如何能够使用我们的服务六个月并通过paypal支付使用费用,并且在咨询完成后,他们可以返回并要求他们从未收到过产品…… 没有产品可供人们接收…… 这是在线的。卖方不受任何保护。小心点。只有你的客户通过朋友和家人汇款。这是你受到保护的唯一方法。我们现在已经改变了我们的政策,不以任何其他方式除了资金。保护自己


I disputed an unauthorized charge to my PayPal account from a Subway in another state. My PayPal balance was used so I can’t dispute it through my bank. PayPal sent an email saying my dispute was denied because it was an UNauthorized CHARGE. How does that make any sense? Will escalate the dispute.


Perfect so far!


I Ben with PayPal for almost20 years I love it I am never have a problem I do all my transactions through PayPal thank you very much 我在贝宝 (PayPal) 工作了近20年,我喜欢它,我从来没有问题,我通过贝宝 (PayPal) 进行了所有交易,非常感谢


I’ve had PayPal for almost a year now and it has been such an amazing help to me. Sending and receiving money is quick and easy. The debit card they offer is great because if you’re sent money you can use it and avoid transfer fees associated with moving money from PayPal to your bank account.


The convenience of PayPal along with the safety of them backing my purchase makes me use it without worrying about scammers or unethical sellers! My go to for everything! PayPal的便利性以及支持我购买的安全性使我可以使用它,而不必担心骗子或不道德的卖家!我去做一切!


Sometimes up to 21 days to receive my money from someone is horrible. Also poor timing on other transfers 有时长达21天的时间从某人那里收到我的钱是可怕的。其他转会的时间也很差


Quick and convenient to use! Quick to resolve issues if mistakes are made! I have had only good results with PayPal! 使用快捷方便!如果出错,快速解决问题!我在PayPal上只取得了不错的成绩!


I decided to get the debit card a few months back and am so glad I did! Keeps me on budget and let’s me know the balance after each purchase! Great job! Keep it up! 👍🏾 👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


I had PayPal for many years recently they have been declining , I had a problem a dispute and now I have to pay for something I never received worst worst company ever Venmo way better 我使用贝宝 (PayPal) 已有很多年了,最近它们一直在下降,我遇到了麻烦,现在我必须为从未收到过的最糟糕的公司付出代价


This pay pal acct is definitely a great acct to have it helps to keep track of my spending and receiving I just wish I knew how to use the business side of the acct better . 这个pay pal acct绝对是一个很好的acct,它可以帮助跟踪我的支出和接收情况,我只是希望我知道如何更好地使用acct的业务方面。