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New: - One of your most-requested features is here: Now you can edit tables on your phone or tablet! - We tidied up the navigation menu to make it easier for you to get around. All Notes is now called Notes, and we rearranged the list items so you can find what you need faster. - Evernote Business customers: Don’t want to see every single notebook in a space? No problem! You can now turn that off (or back on again) in Settings > Notebooks. Fixed: - The app would occasionally crash when you tried to print something. Now there’s nothing stopping you. - Selecting “Larger text” in your phone’s Accessibility settings meant that some Evernote menu items would be cut off. That defeated the whole purpose of using larger text, so we fixed it. - Notes would sometimes flash while you were scrolling through them in Card view. Very annoying, but now a thing of the past. - Sometimes, the thumbnail wouldn’t update after you edited a handwritten note. But it should be smooth sailing now. Coming Soon: - Customize the background color and pattern for your handwritten notes and sketches.


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Capture ideas when inspiration strikes. Find information fast. Share notes with anyone. From meetings and projects to web pages and to-do lists—with Evernote, everything’s in one place.

Evernote syncs to all your devices, so you can tackle action items on the go. Express yourself clearly with easy-to-use formatting options, and find what you need quickly with filtered searches and results as you type.

“Use Evernote as the place you put everything… Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote” – The New York Times

“When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag

• Write, collect, and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, checklists, and to-do lists. It’s the only organizer you need.
• Keep journals capturing the events and milestones of your daily life.
• Clip interesting articles and web pages to read or use later.
• Add different types of content to your notes: text, sketches, photos, audio, web clippings, and more.
• Use the camera to effortlessly scan, digitize, and organize your paper documents, business cards, whiteboards, handwritten notes, and drawings.
• Attach docs, PDFs, photos, and audio.

• Create separate notebooks to organize your receipts, bills, and invoices.
• Find anything fast—Evernote’s powerful search can even find text in images and handwritten notes.
• Set reminders to keep on top of activities and write to-do lists.

• Sync your notes and notebooks automatically across any computer, phone, or tablet.
• Start your work on one device and continue on another without missing a beat.
• Share your notes and notebooks with your friends, colleagues, or family.

• Make personal to-do lists to keep your thoughts organized.
• Go paperless by scanning receipts and important documents.
• Save all of your travel documents, articles, and notes in one place.
• Plan events such as holidays, weddings, and parties.
• Use Evernote as a planner to organize your life and stay on task.
• Capture ideas and inspiration on the go.

• Keep everyone up to date by capturing meeting notes and sharing notebooks with your team.
• Use it as your ultimate planner and organizer at work.
• Annotate documents during team meetings, then share with colleagues.

• Keep up with lecture notes so you don’t miss important details.
• Use it as a planner and organizer to keep track of lecture notes, exams, and assignments.
• Create different notebooks and planners for each class and keep everything organized.
• Clip and highlight articles from the web for research papers or class projects.
• Discuss and annotate notes, files, and essay drafts.

Also available from Evernote:

• 10 GB of new uploads each month
• Unlimited number of devices
• Access your notes and notebooks offline
• Save emails to Evernote
• Search inside Office docs and attachments
• Annotate PDFs
• Scan and digitize business cards

$7.99 monthly, $69.99 annually

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Where applicable, your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may not be cancelled for refund except as provided in Evernote’s Commercial Terms. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.

Privacy Policy: https://evernote.com/legal/privacy.php
Terms of Service: https://evernote.com/legal/tos.php
Commercial terms: https://evernote.com/legal/commercial-terms







I like using Evernote and have used it for years, but the recent updates to the IOS app have ruined it. The web clipping functionality is buggy and slow, and the results are mixed at best. Even clipped recipes that I’ve used many times with no issues are acting buggy and won’t scroll. They just need to restore the version they had the middle of last year, which worked fine, and scrap whatever update path they’re on currently. Very disappointed.


Do you guys do auto save? Cause I was using the note on my laptop, it froze, and it took me to the home page, and I soon as I went back to what I was doing for two hours, all of my work was erased. Don’t really know what to do now except start over, I guess. I’ll just use something else before transferring it on here but I really hope you guys do. That is extremely frustrating


All data in my Evernote account is missing. Did I miss a payment? I want to restore everything Ricky52Moore


Takes forever to open this application I don’t understand!!!!


I used to use Evernote as it had a system for my notes both personal and work related. I could store information that I needed to reference later, etc. However it is not what I consider to be a well rounded app. As no app that makes you have to use another is considered all that great. Not being able to create reoccurring reminders is just ridiculous. This is a very basic feature for a task app to have. I simply stopped using the app altogether because I had to use other sources to make tasks and be reminded of especially when they are monthly or weekly repeating. I even periodically login just to see if this feature has been added, it hasn’t. The app really needs updated to meet this basic need, and no emailing repeating tasks to the user is not sufficient at all. As not every one is on their email constantly some only check certain times a day based on their schedules. The whole point of having an app that features task or to do items is to have push notifications for you to get reminded of the task or even projects you need to get done. No one should have to go in and manually set them up for every single day when they are repeating.


Have used it for years and lived it. Now it’s bloated and major bugs like notes opening up blank have not been addressed for months.


Not happy. I still can’t see the fonts on iPhone X Have a Heart!!


Tags not working properly, sorting not working, syncing buggy and more. Had to uninstall the latest version on desktop and use a legacy version. iPad version is terrible now. Member since 2009...hopefully they will work out these kinks. Would have rated 5 stars a few months ago.


Also: please just stop logging me out Updated: logged out again Updated: Again lost data using extension. Opened app after using extension and I had been logged out. Shared info was lost. Should have notified me during the share. Old review: Sharing extension vaguely suggests uploads happen some time in the future when the app runs. I’ve seen the app stall out uploading sharing extension clips and then just lose them.


I cannot get any real help from this company! All they have is multiple choice subjects that have generic help. Absolutely worthless. Customer service is not even available. Very frustrated and stressed out. Will be deleting this app for one that really helps you through problems!


It used to show up on share menu until about last week or so, bring back the share option.


Please restore the ability to sync business cards to contacts on your iPhone. Evernote has the best business card recognition out there. And by connecting to Linked In it is nearly flawless. We LOVED this feature. Please restore it.


I’ve used the premium version of Evernote for years and it’s the best app for building a commonplace (a notebook for curating information and ideas) that I’ve come across. I’m grateful to the developers for creating such a useful app that’s always evolving and improving. Thank you!


Evernote member since 2011. Since the upgrade, I haven’t been able to access my notes on my iPhone, iPad, or Dell laptop. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, and whatever Microsoft is calling its web browser these days (“Edge”?). Nothing. I see the note titles but nothing happens when I click on them. 12/18/20. Still TOTALLY useless. Still can’t access anything with the app. Although it goes without saying, I’ll say it anyway: not renewing when my subscription ends.


my notes will not sync and the app is crashing. Notes are disappearing and this product I subscribe to since 2010 is nearing uselessness. this is a catastrophe.


Access to over 3700 movies on Netflix - $14 a month Access to over 60 million songs on Spotify - $10 a month 2TB of storage with Apple - $10 a month 61MB of storage with Evernote - $8 a month The app is a good idea but the basic version is virtually useless and $8 a month to create some ‘to do’ lists or create some simple notebooks is absurd! For about $100 a year, you get as little as 732MB of storage and a MAXIMUM of 120GB of storage. I’m looking forward to purchasing this service from the inevitable competitor that will charge a fraction of the price.


It takes seconds or minutes now to load the app and to switch between notes. Simplify formatting is no longer available. This was one of the best features for clipping articles from the web. Evernote Pro no longer seems worth while.


I’ve used Evernote for about 6 years now without a problem. It’s been very useful and convenient. I have over a thousand items and notes stored. From important work details to very personal and value memories. Since the most recent update the app has been unusable. Once I try to open the app it goes into a demo mode then completely shuts down. I’m so concerned that all my data is unrecoverable. I’m afraid to reinstall the app because it will most likely erase the Evernote data on my phone that may not have uploaded. I’m writing this review sincerely hoping that the existing version’s errors will be corrected. Please do something to make it work!


Evernote is great! I use to organize notes for graduate classes, files for work, and stuff for home. We’ve even got a family cookbook that we share and add to. BUT I really wish that Evernote had the ability to lock a note or notebook. It would be nice if we could lock notes regardless of the content: picture, audio file, video clip, file attachment, whatever. Please add this feature!


I like the platform but anytime I try to add a note from my phone it constantly logs me out. I haven’t even been able to write an entire sentence and it’s logged me out 3x.


So, first off I just want to say that this is my first time ever writing an app review- well, at least of my own free will. This app is literally THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME FOR ORGANIZING. I have used everything from planners to bulletin boards to calendars to sticky notes- several of which have been and continue to be very effective but present cons such as not being portable or easily being misplaced. I struggle with ADHD, primarily inattentive type which, at one point in time, resulted in forgetting items CONSTANTLY (meaning having to check 2-3 times to make sure I had everything I needed), difficulty with setting realistic time frames for myself in task completion or routines, and of course difficulty with organization. All of these challenges have gradually improved as I’ve taken the necessary steps and made the necessary adjustments in my life to cope better each day. I thank God that I implemented several organizational habits over the years that have kept me afloat even before being formally diagnosed but this takes the cake. From the different sizing options to the dividers and my absolute FAVORITES- the checkboxes and highlighters- I feel so darn accomplished and productive when I use this app. It’s literally EVERYTHING you could ask for in an organization app and whoever created this is an absolute genius!!! I also LOVE the different selections of templates from the To-Do List to the adorable on screen calendar set ups for a week at a glance or a month at a glance. As if I wasn’t on my phone enough- now, I have a reason to be distracted in the BEST WAY- organizing practically every aspect of my life down to the details. Thank you for this gift of an app- I already see how much of a blessing it is going to be in my life alone.


The 1 star is for the latest update. I love Evernote, but the latest variant of the app is unusable! Since the latest update to Evernote, I have been able to get past the “Welcome, we’ve updated, see our new stuff” screens. It eventually crashes out of the app. Please fix!


Terrible logic around duplication, my notes get duplicated CONSTANTLY, never have this problem with google docs


no particular issue


They no longer support password protected PDFS. Pretty dumb to remove the ability to use password protected PDFs you would think they would understand the need for PDF security. The old EN you could enter your PDF password and be able to open. Love it when a company removes features. And really love it when it’s related to security. Used too love it. The new app update is harder to navigate to get things done. Too many clicks compared to previous version. Plus no customization options to change interface


Some important personal information about contacts, including surgical and oncological contacts, are stored on Evernote. Because I have not opened the app Evernote forces me to reset the password. But the password is associated with an old email account, which I had to close because that email service was so severely hacked. Now there’s no way to get into my Evernote account and no technical customer support because I wasn’t a premium subscriber.


I’ve been using Evernote since 2013 or 14 and used to swear by it. It’s gone way downhill. They keep adding features and it’s too clunky. It duplicates notes, doesn’t save well across platforms, takes ages to load, and isn’t as elegant as it once was. I’m going to cancel my subscription.


This app used to be smooth and responsive. Now it lags and stutters. they also bother you about premium plans every time you open it. When I have an idea, i need to be able to write it down immediately and evernote just doesn’t let you do that anymore.


Been a Premium user for 11 years. The iOS app has become completely unreliable. Why are we paying for?


A subset of notebooks will get duplicated for each time you expand the “Notebook” section on the left side bar. This should be a bug in the app and it causes lots of confusions and inconvenient.


All my notes and books are gone


This app has the most potential. It has amazing features. The current problem is that it has become hard to navigate, complex, and slow. I want to use it as my primary Notes app, and hopefully will one day. It also needs native Apple silicone compatibility!


Used to just work. The new version takes literal ages to sync notes on my 2020 iPhone. The Safari clipper used to just work, now is clumsy and somehow demands you to open the app to actually sync, WITH THE SYNC DATETIME (as opposed to the date the clip was taken,) a literal downgrade. As an old customer, I’m amazingly disappointed with the current status of this app. The app feels amazingly sluggish and it just feels more like an mvproduct than a finished app.


Their updates make the app worse. To many notes and it becomes unusable. Nothing works, opens. This app is garbage. I spent a bit of time building my notes so it stinks having to find something else.


Tried over and over again with new notes and docs, killing the app, logging in and out, my scanned documents just wouldn’t save, they showed up as blank notes. Only way to solve it was by reinstalling. Not a huge deal, but majorly annoying, frustrating, and time-consuming.


I’ve been using Evernote for a few years. Initially, I used to love it. As they kept updating the app, it’s true that they have added a lot of features that are cool but at the cost of speed. Now the app has become extremely slow to load and operate. Even after I have rebooted my phone, it still lags big time. Also, it needs to update every time my screen turns off. This is very annoying. I’d love to see my ex-favourite app “run like the wind”!


Self explanatory. Before the recent update, you could hit share on any content and send that post/page/article to Evernote. Now it isn’t an option; basically rendering the app a useless hassle.


Bring back the old version that was productive, reliable, and fast. The newer versions are one nightmare after another. Evernote is currently slow, stupid, and UNPRODUCTIVE. Across ALL platforms. I'm a paying customer and have been for many years. I used to recommend Evernote all the time. Since the nightmares started with the major version changes I no longed recommend Evernote.


I used Evernote to save recipes, mostly ones I created myself. I just went to write a new recipe, and the software had changed and ALL my prior notes were gone. F—-you Evernote.


Noticed they finally properly fixed clipping. Now, how about sorting? People have been asking for it for a decade+ in their forums. I refuse to give Evernote another dime until they add this incredibly basic feature. You offer the ability to make lists. Lists should be able to be sorted. Period. And they are sortable in every single other software that lets you make lists. Except Evernote. 🙄#FAIL


The app seems great just not what I was looking for.


I used to swear by Evernote for all my note taking needs. It's very unreliable and laggy since the updates last year and now pretty unusable


Ok, so I’ve been a premium user with thousands of notes, and have been for years, and have recommended Evernote to everyone I know (to the extent that everyone at my last two workplaces is convinced that they pay me for marketing—or should, at any rate). But the iPhone app really has become quite unusable since the update a few months ago. Not only does it take eons to sync across devices (which it somehow suddenly can’t seem to be able to do anymore, despite having been able to for years), my biggest problem is the scanning. I used to use it extensively for scanning physical copies of documents i was working on. But not only have I not been able to do that (whatever they have done to tweak that, i now have to take ten photographs of a page to get something that is not blurred beyond legibility), what is infinitely worse is that there is only a 50% chance that any pictures you might have scanned will make it to Evernote. I.e. you can spend 30 minutes trying to take unblurred pictures of a few physical documents you are working with, Press ok, and half the time, find that the pictures have simply disappeared. I have stopped using the app on my iPhone altogether (because it is literally unusable), and am waiting for the day that developers decide to break the desktop app too.


Been a loyal (if free) user since 2012, and I know these companies want to make money so I don’t complain too often. Being limited to 2 devices was annoying, but I can deal with it. But now, free users can’t even access their notes offline? What’s the point anymore? Too bad it was my favorite note application all this years. Now I have to go find myself a new one, AND transfer some 200+ pages while I’m at it.


I’m a long time user about to delete this app. I got a new phone and transferred my data but for some reason Evernote decided it was a new device and wouldn’t let me log in without upgrading or unsyncing another device. (There never was a third device.) It listed a laptop and two phones. One of the phones was marked as “this device” so I deleted the “other” phone. It informed me I have 2 device deletions remaining. It made me login again and I did my thing. As soon as I opened the app again, it informed me that there were too many devices connected. This time I deleted “both” phones, leaving me with 1 device deletion... except that there’s never been a third device! This has never happened with previous phone upgrades. Of course since I only have the basic plan I have no access to complain. So basically it’s not worth it. I may use it on my laptop just to keep the data, but basically the service is now untrustworthy and thus useless to me, so I will be looking for an alternative.


I would definitely have given Evernote a 5 star rating if I hadn’t been asked to update the app. It worked perfectly before this update but now it crashes continually 😒


I have been paying customer for over 10 years, accumulated so much notes in there. Every year my new year resolution is to move all my stuff to another apps. I am so scared to update this app every time and I usually wait till I cant wait anymore. But each time once I update it, it manage to disappoint more, or screw up more. Here are few highlights: 1. Interface get revamped every time, each time it made less sense and the logic get more confusing. 2. Search that never ever really works, its like lottery whether you find what you are looking for or not. 3. It was never a reliable photos management apps, but then they disable selfie in this version, I think this is probably the last straw for me. 4. They crammed the button in upper left corner that make it overlapp with the IOS button, got me kicked out of the app everytime. I really wish they can improve, as they had lots of potential, but after so many years, I am not waiting anymore.


There are way too many ads. Almost everytime i try to write something an ad pops up. Also it crashes a lot! I always have to uninstall then restall. I hope you work on these issues...


Good luck out there


I have been using Evernote for less than 2 months (since the start of my semester). At first I didn’t love it but I assumed it was a learning curve. Flash forward to the middle of Feb. Apparently I hit capacity on the app. On my laptop, all my documents are blank and it deleted 2 weeks worth of notes due to maxing out capacity. I received no warning and did not even know I had until I tried to find customer support. Total waste of time. Will never recommend.