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From the creators of the Peekabeans show, that has over 100 million views on YouTube in over 4 languages!

Our App is the result of parents who believe in creating digital stories and games they would want their own child to watch and play with. Designed by specialists and tested by preschoolers, Peekabeans APP provides a world that is intuitive, playful, kid-first, nurturing, inclusive, and ethical. It is also COPPA-certified kidSAFE, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents, with zero supervision needed and causing zero frustration in kids.

Peekabeans App is a 100% Safe and Kid-Friendly App, trusted by parents who value their child’s online experience. All our music is produced by an Emmy Award Winner Music Therapist, ensuring a delightful auditory experience. Our animated kids videos and games are produced by educators and are safe and suitable for preschoolers who are hungry to learn!

We are committed to delivering 100% Original Content, not recycled or repackaged, so you can be assured of quality entertainment.

Peekabeans APP has NO ADS, NO IN-APP PURCHASES to worry about and works without an Internet connection through OFFLINE MODE!

With Peekabeans App, you can download or stream your favorite Peekabeans kids videos on the go! Your kids can now sing-along and dance to their favorite nursery rhymes and kids songs wherever they are. Our videos help kids learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and more! Our App assists them in learning playfully with their favorite characters and songs, just like they do on YouTube Kids

Explore our exclusive library of enhanced books that allow kids and parents to read along with the original stories of Peekabeans characters. These enhanced books blend the right amount of animation, narration, and sound-effects to provide your child with all the ingredients to spark their imagination and experience a book-like adventure. It’s the perfect combination of technology and storytelling!

Kids will love our research-backed early education games that perfectly combine play, fun, and skill-building activities. Each game offers just the right amount of challenge to keep them entertained while helping them develop essential skills. In our mini-games, children can enjoy:

Dressing up Jack & Lilah in adorable outfits specially designed for boys and girls.
Solving jigsaw puzzles featuring animals. Putting together pictures is fun and easy, so even the smallest kids can handle it!

When you subscribe using the trial plan, you’ll enjoy a 7-day free trial to explore all the incredible content. Trial subscriptions automatically converts to a monthly membership at the of the trial period.

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at the confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew following the subscription plan selected at the initial subscription until cancelled, providing uninterrupted access to Peekabeans App.

You can manage or cancel your subscription at any given time and/or simply turn off auto-renewal by visiting your subscriptions settings of your device during your subscription.

We always welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments. Contact us 24/7 at support@forheroesonly.club. Peekabeans App is here to provide a safe, educational, and entertaining experience for your child, just like popular apps such as Kiddopia, Super Simple Songs, and LooLoo Kids. Join our community of parents who trust Peekabeans for quality kids’ content, including nursery rhymes, 3-year-old games, five-year-old games, and more.

Give your child the gift of learning and fun with Peekabeans App today!

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WELCOME TO PEEKABEANS APP! From the creators of the Peekabeans show, that has over 100 million views on YouTube in over 4 languages! Our App is the result of parents who believe in..