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+Bug fixes and improvements to keep you smithing!

Blade Forge 3D游戏截图

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Blade Forge 3D游戏简介

It’s time to see if you have the skillset to go from rookie to master blacksmith. Using ancient techniques passed down from elder to elder, can you craft the greatest blade known to man?

Using the finest ore from the hardest to reach mine, you will be facing off against fellow blacksmiths! Once your opponent is selected, choose your mould and craft your sword. Beat the blade amongst the flames to temper the sword. Once finished, your blade must be tested against your opponents. Fail, and it’s back to the start to sharpen your skills.

No time to be idle, we have work to do!

Blade Forge 3D features:
-Become a master blacksmith
-Face off against opponents
-A variety of blades to create
-Unlock new tools as you play
-Unique characters to unlock

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