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During a dark, rainy thunderstorm, mysterious forces appear on the skies over the Kingdom of Nidala.

Birk, a brave townsboy, heads over to the old tower where Merlin lives, in hopes of getting some answers from the elder. Birk learns that the King is missing and the sacred stone tablets which have protected the kingdom for generations have been stolen.

Join Birk in a charming, retro-styled pixel adventure on a quest to unravel the mysteries and restore peace to the kingdom.
Explore the lands, talk to the locals, collect weapons and upgrade your character.


* Non-linear gameplay: Explore the kingdom freely

* Casual friendly, non-destructive gameplay: When you lose, you respawn in the last room instead of having to start all over

* Interact with characters, trade items and get hints

* Collect weapons and valuables

* Upgrade your character

* Unearth secret treasures, hidden all over the kingdom

* An overview map that keeps track of all places you’ve visited


The game supports EXTERNAL GAMEPADS that sync with your device (e.g. XBox One controller, MFi controllers, ION Arcade, etc)


No subscriptions, no in-app purchases.
Pay a one-time fee, own the game for life!

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99% cause I couldn't go back for the guy trapped in a cave after rescuing the king


This game reminds me of the Wonder Boy and Monster Boy games. If you like puzzle-based action adventure platforming, then this might be something you'll like. Have a great day.


This game has great vibes. gave me lots of entertainment all the way to the end. :)


Great game! I wish there was more underwater stuff though!


Love Donut Games! But I'm a bit frustrated here: just beat the game but didn't unlock 100%. There is no way to go back unless you reset all your progress :/ So don't use all the tablets until you have collected everything!


Not beat it yet, but already impressed and really enjoying it. I wish there were more quality games like this. You can play at a slower pace and are free to explore. there are npcs to give hints or buy items. Nice setting and music. Minor quibble: no controller support. Though the touch controls do work pretty darn well.


It’s okay so far. It definitely needs a floating d pad for controls. Or allow us to move the buttons around. Buttons are too far apart on iPad and the map is too close to the ‘Move right’ button on iPhone 7. Make those changes and I’ll play more. For now it’s shelved.


Yay!!!! Another Metroidvania title from Donut Games!!! However, this one seems quite a bit different than Traps N Gemstones. The controls and physics/handling is spot on, as we've all come to expect from DG. The developers have also made it so that quickly tapping the jump button will let you micro-jump and holding down the jump button will allow you to jump higher, and it's been done PERFECTLY. The game is fairly big (once you take into consideration all of the doors/'levels' you'll be making your way through). There's one large over-world type area that loops around (once you make it all the way to the right side of the map, you'll eventually wind up on the left side that's furthest away from your starting point) that contains a couple of castles and some underwater areas. Throughout this large over-world, you'll be able to collect items, visit shops, upgrade your character and search for keys. These keys can be used to open the locked doors that you'll find scattered all over the place. Inside of each door is a smaller area (level) that you'll be able to explore and find even more items! It's one great big exploration + platforming adventure! And yes, there's TONS of platforming to experience! You're able to dispatch enemies by slashing them with your sword or - for most of them: the ones that don't have spikes or spiky helmets anyway - by jumping on them. They've also added the well-known boost that a lot of other platform games use where you can hold down the jump button while landing on an enemy and jump even higher than usual! At the beginning of the game, it is one-hit=death, but it's fairly forgiving. You'll be tossed back to where you first entered the screen/segment (as the over-world and levels are all artificially broken up into different segments that you'll 'slide' into) and loose a few of your coins. But it's almost always no worse than loosing out on maybe 15-20 seconds of progress, AND, all of the items you grabbed and enemies you sent packing will reset as well, so you'll be able to grab that bomb you needed or use enemies to boost-jump and reach higher up areas again without any issue. I'm not too far into the game yet (it keeps track of the percentage you've completed and right now I'm only at 27%, and that took me about 60 minutes, so a rough estimate from a 'typical' gamer would be about 4:30-5 hours of gameplay, so long as things don't get TOO difficult moving forward), but this is yet another HUGE winner from Donut Games! Actually, there's a pretty big chance that it'll end up in my top 5, if not 3, favorite games from DG! It's THAT good! So, if you're a platforming/Metroidvania/puzzle-platformer fanatic; don't skip out on this one!


Awesome rogue like game. Remind me of a rouge Zelda. You can tell hard work was put into the game. Very happy with purchase. Thanks to the Developers for this. Super fun game. I highly recommend anyone to buy it. If you haven’t better do it on sale to get it at a nice price. Even without a discount the game is worth a easy $7-$8. If you don’t own it in your game library on IOS you will definitely be happy. Thanks again to the developers.