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休闲 益智解密


Discover an all-new case: “Art Attack” A victim is found crushed under the statue of the town founder, a controversial figure to say the least. Nora and Mike investigate the world of art and town politics and find out what happens when they collide at an alarming speed. NEW! Secret Report: "Faustus Gaunt's Secret" Time to solve the case!

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Small Town Murders游戏简介

Can you find the hidden clue, that one object that fuels your suspicion and ultimately solve the murder mystery?

A new match 3 puzzle game from the makers of Angry Birds!

Welcome to Thornton Grove, an idyllic hamlet far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Life is simpler here. The people seem friendly, the atmosphere is laid back – but something sinister is hidden just below the surface. A recent string of bizarre crimes has broken the silence in this serene country town. It’s up to aspiring mystery writer Nora Mistry, to unravel the truth. Uncover crimes and clues, find the hidden objects and solve the murder mystery!

Every crime is a puzzle & every investigation is just a game..
To get to the bottom of these mysterious crimes, it’s going to take a keen eye for detail. Play levels and use a detective’s intuition to unravel the match 3 puzzles, investigate crime scenes and uncover hidden objects to solve this murder mystery. Find clues by solving match three puzzles. Use the clues in this detective game to interrogate suspects, and solve the mystery once and for all!

Find the hidden objects and clues
Meet friendly townspeople during your investigations, each with their own story. Team up with Deputy Shanahan, the lovable but slightly hapless sheriff’s deputy. Chat with Mrs. Musgrove, a matronly innkeeper who has lived in the area for decades and knows everyone’s dirt. Meet plenty more colorful characters of this game in twisting, ever-growing crime mystery stories! But be careful – everyone is a suspect. It’s up to you to uncover the real criminal, make a case & bring him to justice – play the detective game & unravel the puzzle mystery – just match three and find the hidden objects that will lead to the culprit.

Solve the murder mystery
In Small Town Murders you will go on murderous pursuits, examine each crime scene to choose your next step in this extraordinary detective game. Test your skills in match 3 puzzle games and uncover crucial clues that will help you build a criminal case. Find the murderer & be the hero of this crime story!

In Small Town Murders you’ll:
• Work as a detective to solve the criminal case
• Put your detective skills to the test in match 3 puzzles.
• Investigate crime scenes to find hidden clues.
• Play tons of levels and experience murderous pursuits as a detective
• Match three or more items to clear them.
• Meet colorful townspeople and swap gossip for juicy clues.
• Interrogate suspects to uncover the criminal case.
• Unravel match 3 puzzles to find hidden objects and solve the murder mystery!
• Enjoy the adaptive music system that reacts to the twists of the eccentric storylines
• Find the murderer & unravel the crime mystery stories.

Murderous pursuits, crime mystery stories and match 3 puzzles are waiting for you. Can you find the hidden objects and solve the murder mystery of Small Town Murders?


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Small Town Murders is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

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