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With your active user feedback we have been able to improve some points in the app. We have improved the help, and added a context help that is triggered by a long press. The selection of the joker tile has been improved. The sound error is also fixed and new sounds have been added. Furthermore we have fixed some bugs when continuing the game. We hope this will give you a better game feeling.




Creating the perfect coffee: This is your task as a coffee roaster in the solo game Coffee Roaster! During the 5-10 minute game, you’ll use your instincts and nose to get the most out of the coffee beans.

The challenge is to roast the coffee beans, which are still hard at the beginning, evenly and to sort out any unfavourable portions. At the same time, it is important to have a positive effect on the roasting process and to stop it at the right time. The preparation of the freshly roasted beans is followed by the decisive cup test: is this the creation of a true master roaster?

The app implements the solo board game by Saashi & Saashi in a new edition by DLP Verlag.
Try 22 different types of coffee, each with its own individual characteristics, which can be combined for countless roasting tasks.

Compete with the community in the weekly high-sorelists and collect all achievements!

Are you a real coffee junkie? Then the game is a must have for you!
But also all other board players who appreciate a good solo game will get their money’s worth.


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I’ve been wanting to play this solo game for quite some time, but the physical box is too expensive for what the game offers. I was excited to see an app version! Unfortunately, the app has several bugs. First, it offers you three ways to play 1x, 3x, and expert. The expert option is locked, but they give you no information on how to unlock it. I’m assuming that you have to complete the achievements. Secondly, the achievements aren’t always recognized. I’ve met the requirements for a few of them while playing, but they weren’t awarded. Third, when you place a flavor token in the right hand column for an effect, it locks you out of the left hand column (immediate effects). In regards to design, the game has several user design issues. First, there are no prompts when playing that makes it difficult for a first time player to understand what to do. Secondly, the Roasting button is really hard to use. Your finger tends to cover up the options they show you when you start to drag it. There was plenty of room for them to just show 2 small buttons (roasting, roasting and cupping). Secondly, it’s a pain to constantly click on the coffee recipe to remember the flavor tokens and roasting level. They could easily identify these things on the main screen. Thirdly, when clicking to see what’s in the bag, your finger covers up the disk play making it hard to see the token counts. Fourthly, when playing the wild/joker token on a wild space it’s impossible to see the three token choices, let alone actually select the one you want. Fifthly, they ha ent updated the game to work on modern iPhones. The top of the screen is cut off by the phone’s speaker. Lastly, it’s sad that I can’t just select a coffee recipe and play with that. I’m assuming that’s part of the “expert” mode, but I may never know. That said, I really like the game! I just wish the interface was more intuitive and less buggy.


This game is not that great. I purchased it to see if I would like the physical board game. Well it saved me $35! This app is just poorly designed and the constant tutorial that can’t be turned off is annoying. It doesn’t save any of my scores or plays so there is no way to see if you are getting “better” at playing the game. It’s just a dull game where many of the rounds you are pulling chits out of the bag to just put them back in for the upgrade. It really fell flat for me. The positive is that it helped me avoid buying the physical copy, that’s why it gets 2 stars.


Tokens cannot be placed properly on over half the roasting board. This seems to have been a problem with the app for about a year now. This app has such potential, if only the developer made it more of a priority to fix the problems people have listed here in the reviews.


How can you put a game like this on the market without somewhat easy instructions to follow??? The different parts of the game board aren’t even explained. I’m not sure how long it will take me to figure everything out in order to play. Seriously, do not waste your money!!!


I cannot get my flavor tokens to stay on the right side of the board where there are two blank spaces for the roasting bonuses. What am I doing wrong? I was so excited about this app and have not been able to play a full game. I would be glad to increase my stars with some help.


I have a similar set of complaints as a couple other folks. The tutorial is very unhelpful and the ‘more’ button is wonky. The game will also not let me place flavor tokens where they should be permitted to go. This would be such a blast of a game and I could see non-gamers getting into it, so I hope these get fixed.


Love the game- and the app is still fun but I run into odd glitches every so often. My biggest peeve is the darn tutor will never go away. I’m interrupted in my games constantly by the tutor telling me how to play.


Can’t log in to my BrettspielWelt account through this app...


I’m new to this game. The rules were a bit hard to understand but I read the rules of the board game online and was able to piece it together. That said, from what I read, I should be able to use flavor tokens on either side of the board, at any time, as long as I can perform the associated action (right?). For some reason, it frequently doesn’t let me place a token where I believe I should be able to place it (unless I’m mistaken but I cannot figure out why, if that’s the case). Similarly, I was playing a game at one point and it wouldn’t let me place a “1” token on the upper left spot to claim the wild flavor token. I know that should be allowed to happen at any point so I do believe that is a glitch. Fun tho. If they can work the glitches out, it feels like a keeper. Also seems to be some issues in recording high scores as I complete full 3-bean games and it doesn’t seem to keep a record of those games in the high score menu.


Yes, after you check your current coffee card goal on a drop down menu, if you accidentally hit “main menu” is closes out the current game. Did it several times by accident. If there is a way to fix it on the game, it’s not obvious. I did not see a “reload” button like you commented on another reviewer’s complaint on the same issue.. Maybe could use a landscape mode too. Other-wise a nice looking chill game. Good Job. Thanks


I have found a consistent issue with Sao Paulo in level one. For some reason the exchange token doesn’t activate during this level only. Please test and resolve this issue.


Developer just copy and pasted the instructions from the physical game. No real tutorial. UI is amateurish and no real effort put into making it a good game. Feels like the end product of an Xcode tutorial.


This game could be fun, but for some reason I can’t add the flavor tokens to the slot options on the right portion of the board so I never get those bonus tokens to use. What’s the deal?


Love the game. Didn’t think the tutorial was very helpful but games was simple enough to figure out. Only thing is that I can’t listen to podcasts or music while the app is running. Also some times it seems like the game takes a second to process touches and causes me to touch a check mark when I was only intending to confirm I want to take the action not execute which beans to through it the trash. Very excited to have this game in my phone. Please add ability to listen to other apps while playing.


A lot to like about this app. I have the board game and this is a solid re-creation. Huge complaint after first game. The game miscounted my brew by 1 point. Very unhappy with this.


I m familiar with the board game but even with that familiarity this game is almost impossible to get into. The rules included and the app are wholly inadequate, the tutorial is a joke. The App feels incomplete and is awkward to use.


UPDATE: While I still feel the UI is a bit unintuitive, the developer has politely pointed out clear work arounds to my biggest issues. The core game is interesting but without hover text to explain specific UI elements, a way to call up help in-game (the tutorial pops in occasionally to explain things, but you can't bring the help up on your own in-game), and if you ever hit "Back" while looking at your coffee info sheet, it starts a new game! Lastly, while the game features weekly leaderboards, there is no quick and easy way to see your personal best score if not good enough to be among the top players. I'll happily change my rating if these many issues are addressed.


Lovely rendition of a very fun solo board game. Thank you for taking the time to make this! Though I miss the physical action of the tokens, this is wonderful to have while waiting in line, etc! Fun game, easy to learn but difficult to master. Perfect for iOS! The only thing is the tutorial and rules may be a bit difficult for some to learn, but luckily after s game or two, things start to make sense.


Tried several times to get this working on my IPhone 11 pro max but keeps crashing. I am able to get it to work on my iPad. I have never played the physical board game but this game is really fun and I do enjoy it. Just wish I could get it working on my phone