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- New Composite Image adjustment, including advanced blend modes for easy double exposures, image overlays, textures, and more - Blend modes option added to the Text Overlay adjustment - Blend modes for text and composited images include: Standard, Screen, Overlay, Add, Multiply, Soft Light, and Hard Light - Improved snapping when positioning text and composited images

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CameraBag Photo 2021应用简介

*** If you want to use CameraBag on videos as well as photos, or to have full control over color profiles, be sure to check out CameraBag Pro! ***

The best kept secret in photography just got a whole lot better! CameraBag lets you instantly apply one of hundreds of beautiful presets to your photos, and then dive deeper with ultra-intuitive professional adjustments.

– “A revolution for photo editing.” – Professional Photographer Magazine
– #2 Mac App of the Year – Apple
– “I don’t understand why it’s so inexpensive.” – Podfeet

With presets specifically designed for portraits, different landscape scenarios, faithful emulation of analog film stock from the past, popular modern photo styles, and more, CameraBag has you covered, even if you don’t yet know how to use all of its powerful tools.

For those with professional needs, what really sets CameraBag apart from other photo editors is just how intuitive and powerful its advanced tools are.
Unique curve tools, adjustment re-ordering and layering, and large precise controls let you do things you simply can’t do in other popular software.

Following are some ways CameraBag is perfect for specific groups of users.

Wedding Photography
– Easy batch filtering and watermarking
– Quick comparison tools for large sets of photos
– Tons of useful presets for wedding photography

Social Media Marketing
– Custom image-based borders for consistent aspect ratios and branding
– Super fast filter-finding workflow
– Batch resizing

Portrait Photography
– Smoother, bigger, better tone curves than in other software
– Special portrait-focused presets
– Extremely natural and adjustable film grain

Pro Photographers
– End-to-end high-bit-depth RAW workflow
– Fast intuitive file navigation
– Workflow built for developing a personal style
– Unique, advanced tools for subtle adjustments

Q: Is CameraBag a poor man’s Lightroom?
A: No! CameraBag takes a different approach to photo editing than Lightroom (less focus on photo management, more focus on a bigger set of intuitive tools and a preset workflow). There are many powerful tools and abilities in CameraBag that you can’t find in Lightroom, and CameraBag is extremely focused on making all tools and its workflow more intuitive and faster to use.

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通过图片库,相机或粘贴从夹板导入图像,快速调整图像的大小。 对于经常为项目调整图像大小,并且不需要挤压或拉伸图像的平面设计师来说,这是一个必须具备的。 特点 * 设计项目的正确尺寸图像 * 减小文件大小以保存数据 * 预览图像的图像像素化在尺度 * 在iOS设备上缩小和放大图像 * 作物图片 * 分享图片。 * 保持照片纵横比 * 复制粘贴集成,非常适合在多..
照片滤镜和效果, 照片编辑器,
在應用程序中,您將找到Lightroom的現成預設。 與博主一起,我只選擇了最好的預設+做了一些自己的事,現在為社交網絡製作漂亮的照片會變得更加容易:)
进入最美丽的照片编辑工作室! 网格照片拼贴编辑是你的新图片拼贴制造商,提供梦幻般的网格布局和可爱的帧为你的照片。创建您自己的照片拼贴并享受所有的背景和模式,将美化你的照片在瞬间..
进入最美丽的照片编辑工作室! 网格照片拼贴编辑是你的新图片拼贴制造商,提供梦幻般的网格布局和可爱的帧为你的照片。创建您自己的照片拼贴并享受所有的背景和模式,将美化你的照片在瞬间。把你的照片变成美丽的框架,这将使你的图像一个梦幻般的新的外观和在社交网络上分享他们,让您所有的朋友能看到的杰作!很快你的照片组合成的画像和方形网格或任何其他真棒布局,你会得到自己的生..
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Crop images by simply double tapping..
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保护您的隐私,保护您的个人照片安全,以确保它们不会被盗。 Secret Photo PRO将保护您的私人照片免受黑客,小偷甚至爱管闲事的朋友或家人的侵害。所有照片都保存在设备上..
保护您的隐私,保护您的个人照片安全,以确保它们不会被盗。 Secret Photo PRO将保护您的私人照片免受黑客,小偷甚至爱管闲事的朋友或家人的侵害。所有照片都保存在设备上的安全存储中。此外,您可以选择将它们与安全的云环境同步,以确保如果您丢失手机或想要将它们转移到新设备上,它们可以被恢复。只需选择照片并设置密码,Secret Photo PRO将保持您..
任意尺寸证件照 可选相纸 智能换背景 指定照片文件大小
完全免费好用的证件照制作神器--·自由换背景,免费保存 只需简单几步就能轻松制作满意的证件照 1,拍照(在光线较好的墙壁前拍照,墙壁光滑度一般即可,无需东奔西跑。尽量穿深色衣服以便达到较好的自动换背景效果) 2,更换或调整背景色,适当剪切 3,预览,满意则保存到相册(不满意可以重新开始) 4,从相册选择相片打印或者冲洗即可 支持常见打印相纸尺寸: 3R 4R..
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If you want to use CameraBag on vide..
If you want to use CameraBag on videos as well as photos, or to have full control over color profiles, be sure to check out CameraBag Pro! The best kept secret in photography just ..
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