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In this version: - You can now export metadata to a PDF or text file! Simply tap the share button on the Metadata screen and you'll be taken to a brand new Export window. - Other bug fixes & improvements. If you find the Toolbox app useful, please consider leaving a positive review on the App Store - every review helps! Experiencing issues or have a suggestion? Contact us by emailing toolbox@redboxmobile.com and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Redbox Toolbox应用简介

Gain an insight into your app’s ASO using the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is the perfect app for iOS Developers. It provides you with the tools required to create, test and analyse your metadata so you can improve your performance on the App Store.

Redbox Toolbox has been developed by Redbox Mobile – an ASO company with 7+ years of extensive experience optimising app metadata for global brands. We’ve made the Toolbox completely free to download and use across iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS!

Get started with these key features:


App Overview: See key metrics such as ASO Score, ratings and rankings all in one place.

Metadata: View existing and prototype new metadata for your app. You can export a comparison and see how your app’s metadata stacks up against a competitor.

Keywords: View the number of times keywords have been seeded into metadata and reviews.

Rankings: See where your app ranks in any storefront around the world. Add competitors to see how they compare.

Creatives: View app icons, screenshots and preview videos across all platforms.

Ratings: View the star rating, a rating breakdown and most recent reviews.

Competitors: Add competitors to your app that you’d like to compare metadata or rankings against.

App Updates: View a list of the most recent app updates.

More Details: See additional information about an app such as its App ID, Developer Name & URL, whether it supports Apple Watch, Siri or Wallet and much more!


Storefront Switcher: Switch App Store storefronts to see if your app has been featured in another country or where it is ranking for specific keywords.

Metadata Prototype: Prototype metadata for an unreleased app on the App Store.

Column & Comma: Convert values in a table (column) to those separated by commas. Perfect for adding keywords to App Store Connect, the Redbox Platform or Apple Search Ads.

Combination Generator: Generate all the combinations for a list of keywords so you can view longtail keywords that you could be ranking for.

Top Charts: View the top 200 category rankings around the world.


Widgets: Add Toolbox widgets to view category rankings, switch storefronts and more all from your Home Screen.

Siri Shortcuts: Add one of the Toolbox Shortcuts in the Siri Shortcuts app to automate the process of viewing rankings, switching storefronts and more.

iCloud Syncing: Your favourite apps and settings will be saved across all of your Apple devices.

Apple Watch: Use the Toolbox app on your wrist to perform a quick app lookup and metadata analysis. Available to install even without the iOS app.

Multi-Window: You can open multiple Toolbox windows to compare apps or use multiple tools at the same time.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform common in-app actions.

Share Extension: Instantly open iOS apps from the App Store in Toolbox just by tapping the action button.

Messages Extension: Send stickers to contacts using the Messages app.

Dark Mode: If you have enabled Dark Mode on your device, Toolbox will switch to the Dark Mode version of the app.

App Icon: Toolbox offers a number of different custom app icons for you to choose from.

Settings: Customise the Toolbox to your taste with many different customisation options.

Use the Toolbox to start optimising your apps and analyse their progress.

Get in contact:

Email: toolbox@redboxmobile.com
Website: https://redboxmobile.com



工具箱是iOS开发人员的完美应用程序。它为您提供了创建,测试和分析元数据所需的工具,以便您可以提高在App Store上的性能。

Redbox Toolbox是由Redbox Mobile开发的,Redbox Mobile是一家ASO公司,在为全球品牌优化应用程序元数据方面拥有7年的丰富经验。我们已经让工具箱完全免费下载并在iOS、iPadOS、macOS和watchOS上使用!



应用程序概述: 在一个地方查看关键指标,例如ASO得分,评分和排名。

元数据: 查看应用程序的现有和原型新元数据。您可以导出比较,并查看应用程序的元数据如何与竞争对手进行堆叠。

关键字: 查看关键字被植入元数据和评论的次数。

排名: 查看您的应用程序在世界各地的任何店面中的排名。添加竞争对手,看看他们是如何比较的。

创意: 在所有平台上查看应用程序图标、截图和预览视频。

评级: 查看星级、评级细分和最新评论。

竞争对手: 将您想要比较元数据或排名的竞争对手添加到您的应用程序中。

应用程序更新: 查看最新的应用程序更新列表。

更多详细信息: 查看有关应用程序的其他信息,例如其应用程序ID,开发人员名称和URL,是否支持Apple Watch,Siri或Wallet等等!


店面切换器: 切换应用程序商店店面,以查看您的应用程序是否已在其他国家/地区或特定关键字排名。

元数据原型: app Store上未发布的应用程序的原型元数据。

列和逗号: 将表 (列) 中的值转换为用逗号分隔的值。非常适合将关键字添加到App Store Connect,Redbox平台或Apple搜索广告中。

组合生成器: 生成关键字列表的所有组合,以便您可以查看可能排名的长尾关键字。

排行榜: 查看全球前200名类别排名。


小部件: 添加工具箱小部件,从主屏幕查看类别排名、切换店面等。

Siri快捷方式: 在Siri快捷方式应用程序中添加工具箱快捷方式之一,以自动执行查看排名,切换店面等过程。

iCloud同步: 您最喜欢的应用程序和设置将保存在所有Apple设备上。

Apple Watch: 使用手腕上的Toolbox应用程序执行快速的应用程序查找和元数据分析。即使没有iOS应用程序也可以安装。

多窗口: 您可以打开多个工具箱窗口来比较应用程序或同时使用多个工具。

键盘快捷键: 使用键盘快捷键快速执行常见的应用内操作。

共享扩展: 只需点击操作按钮,即可从工具箱中的应用商店立即打开iOS应用。

消息扩展: 使用消息应用程序向联系人发送贴纸。

黑暗模式: 如果您在设备上启用了黑暗模式,工具箱将切换到应用程序的黑暗模式版本。

应用程序图标: 工具箱提供了许多不同的自定义应用程序图标供您选择。

设置: 使用许多不同的自定义选项根据您的喜好自定义工具箱。



电子邮件: toolbox@redboxmobile.com
网站: https://redboxmobile.com

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