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Fixed bugs causing an error code during enrollment and inconsistent behavior post-termination for a small subset of users.

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Attain by Aetna应用简介

Earn rewards for healthy actions. Download Attain by Aetna and sign in to see if you are eligible to participate, and which rewards are available to you if you are.

Designed in collaboration with Apple, the Attain app combines your health history with Apple Watch® activity to offer personalized goals*, achievable actions, and rewards.**

This app integrates with the Health app and helps you:

• Earn rewards for hitting daily active calorie goals.
• Get reminders for important healthy actions: flu shot and other vaccinations; scheduling primary care visits and screenings; and refilling and picking up prescriptions.
• Get tips to sleep better, improve nutrition and increase mindfulness.
• Build healthy habits through challenges and daily activity.
• Get support for serious health moments, such as finding lower-cost options for lab and imaging tests like MRIs.

Who can enroll?
The Attain program is available to Aetna® commercial medical members aged 18 and above. Other eligibility and participation requirements, including certain state restrictions and exclusions, may apply.

How do I earn rewards?
Hit your activity goals and complete healthy actions to earn points. Activity goals are based on your weight and sex. Some healthy actions are based on your personal health history. Meet your weekly activity goals to earn enough points each month to cover your Apple Watch payment (if eligible). Or use your points to get gift cards from popular retailers. Find out which rewards you’re eligible for by downloading and logging in to Attain.

Do I need an Apple Watch?
Yes. Activity from your Apple Watch — along with your Aetna health history — powers the program.

How can I earn an Apple Watch?
Order a base model in Attain then pay it off with points over 24 months. All you’ll pay initially is a one-time activation fee plus sales tax. You can choose to upgrade to a different model for an additional up-front cost. You will use the points you earn in Attain to cover all or part of the monthly payment of your Apple Watch.

What if I already have my own Apple Watch?
If you already have your own Apple Watch, you can use your points on gift cards from popular retailers.

*Goals and suggested health actions should not replace your doctor’s advice. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from meeting your goals, or if your doctor advises you not to take part in physical activity, there may be an opportunity for you to earn the same reward in a different way.

**Eligibility for particular incentives varies by health plan type and location, including availability of Apple Watch as a reward. Download the Attain app and sign in to see which categories of incentives are available to you. Participation in Attain requires an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12 or later, and an Apple Watch Series 1 or later. Please note that some models of Apple Watch may have higher compatibility requirements. Please refer to Apple’s website for further details to ensure compatibility with your phone.


为健康的行动赚取奖励。下载Aetna的 “获得” 并登录,看看您是否有资格参加,以及您可以获得哪些奖励。

与Apple合作设计的 “获取” 应用程序将您的健康史与Apple Watch结合在一起®提供个性化目标 * 、可实现的行动和奖励的活动。**


• 通过达到每日积极的卡路里目标来获得奖励。
• 获得重要健康行动的提醒: 流感疫苗注射和其他疫苗接种; 安排初级保健就诊和筛查; 以及补充和领取处方。
• 获得改善睡眠,改善营养和增加正念的提示。
• 获得对严重健康时刻的支持,例如为MRIs等实验室和成像测试寻找成本更低的选择。


达到您的活动目标并完成健康的动作以赚取积分。活动目标是基于你的体重和性别。一些健康的行动是基于你个人的健康史。满足您的每周活动目标,每月赚取足够的积分来支付您的Apple Watch付款 (如果符合条件)。或者用你的积分从受欢迎的零售商那里获得礼品卡。通过下载并登录以获取,找出您有资格获得的奖励。

是的。您的Apple Watch的活动-以及您的Aetna健康历史-为该计划提供了动力。

在Attain中订购一个基本模型,然后在24个月内用积分还清。您最初要支付的只是一次性的激活费加上营业税。您可以选择升级到其他型号,以支付额外的前期费用。您将使用您在Attain中获得的积分来支付Apple Watch的全部或部分每月付款。

如果您已经拥有自己的Apple Watch,则可以在受欢迎的零售商的礼品卡上使用积分。

* 目标和建议的健康行动不应取代医生的建议。如果你的身体状况妨碍你达到目标,或者如果你的医生建议你不要参加体育活动,你可能有机会以不同的方式获得同样的奖励。

** 特定激励措施的资格因健康计划类型和位置而异,包括Apple Watch作为奖励的可用性。下载 “获取” 应用程序并登录以查看您可以使用哪些类别的激励措施。参与Attain需要使用iOS 12或更高版本的iPhone 5s或更高版本,以及Apple Watch Series 1或更高版本。请注意,某些型号的Apple Watch可能具有更高的兼容性要求。请参阅Apple网站以获取更多详细信息,以确保与手机兼容。

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