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Version 1.7: - Added new mindful background musics and themes: Calm & Relaxing, Ancient Chinese - Use natural meditation ending tone - Fix minor layout issues We will keep the app update regularly so that you can experience more mindful meditation exercises. Thanks for your support!

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Mindfulness Breathing应用简介

A simple, free and easy to use application for practicing breathing.

Support 4 basic and advanced breathing exercises, including:
– One minute breathing: Keep our calm through daily fast changing time
– Simple breathing: Release our anxiety efficiently
– 4-7-8 breathing: A powerful breathing technique to bring us back to a relaxing state
– Alternate Nostril breathing: A famous yoga breathing technique that is very good for your heart, lung and head

It also supports exercise customization according to your favor:
– Setting inhale / exhale / hold duration
– Choose mindful background music: natural ocean / water sound, meditation music
– Help to build breathing habits using daily reminders

The application is totally free with all the features available. If you find it is useful for you, you can buy us a beer as an in-app purchase to remove the ads as well as support us to maintain the app for your best fit.

Let’s install and practice breathing daily.
Wish you all find it useful and helps you always in a healthy physical and mental state!

Any suggestions / comments, please submit to us by sending an email to cs.tksoft@gmail.com or leaving a review in the AppStore. We will get back to you very soon and keep the app regularly improved.

Thanks for using Mindfulness Breathing!

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