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【图】Zelda: Breath of the Wild(截图1)【图】Zelda: Breath of the Wild(截图2)【图】Zelda: Breath of the Wild(截图3)


Animated stickers based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have arrived! This sticker set features the courageous hero, Link, the wise Princess Zelda, and other familiar faces from the wilds of Hyrule—complete with memorable lines and poses from the game!


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Animated stickers based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have arrived! This sticker set features the courageous hero, Link, the wise Princess Zelda, and other familiar fa..
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Super Mario Run的贴纸,现在可以在App Store上找到。 用马里奥的表情炫耀你的感受,或者用物品来装饰你的对话,让它们看起来像马里奥世界里的一个场景。 通过在照片上添加帽子或胡须,任何人都可以成为马里奥!
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When I got this today, I didn’t know they were animated! Now I can blast my sister with a guardian, strike her with Urbosa’s lightning, and so much more! Great for someone (like me) who can’t ever stop thinking about Zelda! Great stickers and I recommend them to anyone like me or just someone who likes playing Zelda! I’d give it 1000/1000! You guys don’t even know how much I think about Zelda so this was a GREAT add-on to my collection. I got a lot of Zelda games for Christmas too! Literally I’d pay double the price for this but uh keep it cheap so more people can buy it but you deserve it anyway... so when is the sequel coming out??? I can’t wait! I already got breath of the wild, links awakening and your new game! I’m such a big fan probably your biggest EVER!!! You guys deserve the money you made from Zelda, you put so much thought and time into it! And you guys made my day by making it! THANKS SO MUCH! And thanks for reading!!!


Maybe you can add more stickers when BOTW 2 comes out


I got these stickers last year, and welp I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, THEY’RE AMAZING! They apply for practically all my situations! No better way to punctuate a sentence than with a Zelda sticker! Me and my friends all love Zelda Breath of the Wild and can’t wait for the second one! These stickers truly open your eyes!


It is pretty cool and some are funny but I have reasons 1#could you make it be on messenger kids and 2#I would be happy if you could add more stickers pls. Otherwise it is fine Love Sophia@kitty


These are really great stickers that are fun to use. The only thing is that you pay 2 dollars for only 24 stickers. It may sound like a lot but some of the categories don’t fit what you would normally talk about. To make this 5 stars there needs to be more stickers that fit categories such as lol and brb.


Easily worth $2. I can’t wait if splatoon stickers will release


I love the high quality gifs and images that are a snap to send to any of my fellow gamers. I find myself sending them in every occasion, and all I can say is please make more, especially now that a sequel is announced for Breath of the Wild!


I absolutely love these stickers!! Please add more Nintendo stickers such as Super Mario’s Relaxing Life! I’ve seen them only available in Line and it would be awesome if it was added into the App Store. Thanks Nintendo!! 😊


Needs more stickers, add an option to have Zelda-themed emojis too (that would be sweet), not enough stickers that I ever really get the chance to use


These are great. The animations are fluid and there are a variety of moods. The images are fantastic, and the price is reasonable. Great if you're a fan or just want vividly animated stickers!


It is difficult to use when texting. There are a lot of stickers in this pack that don't fit the common, daily situation and they are even awkward. I'm glad the legend of Zelda was released with a sticker. But i can’t use this pack...


Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is my all time favorite game, and this app is wonderful! My request (since this is from Nintendo) is to work on Keyboards. Me and my Zelda friends like writing in Sheikah, and want an app for it and the other languages in Hyrule. If you could please make an app where you can download these keyboards, that would be legendary! I’m a huge fan, and have searched and searched to only find other Zelda fans wishing IOS and/or Android would have such a Keyboard. Please look into it, I’d love to have it!!!!


I only have a handful of the stickers here- I have a i5 (something or another) was there a glitch in the download? Do I need to do it again? Is my phone too old? What's the medicine here?


I absolutely love Legend of Zelda and these stickers from BOTW are amazing and soooo cute 😍😍😍 Now go make the anime for it... 🤣🤣


I feel like it’s just a bit lackluster. Only 24 stickers for $2.


This was so cool I love the sticks they are funny and cool thanks Nintendo for these awesome sticks!!!!!


Bet this will be awesome, but it won't appear on my home screen even though it said it was installed. Plz help me


Absolutely love anything Zelda, so I just had to get these stickers!


I love this!!!!!!!!


Best sticker pack on the store if your a Zelda BOTW fan.


I bought this and I was wondering if it is for mac only.


Nom nom nom, can't have enough.


These are beautifully animated! Fantastic stickers! Thank you Nintendo!


If you are anybody like me—a huge fan of the Zelda series and Breath of the Wild—this sticker pack will bring a smile to your face. It comes with 24 unique stickers that can be easily applied to your conversations, if not be a great conversation starter on what the best game of the decade is. Are you feeling happy? Show your excitement with a Prince Sidon sticker. Feeling sassy? Send a asinine Revali sticker. I highly recommend this to anybody who likes the game and wants to share their passion, or anybody who simply wants a quality sticker pack.


Super cute and lots of expressions!


I loved breath of the wild so this was a no brainer. Already started trolling my friends on chat with this. 10/10


Of course I’ll buy it. It’s ZELDA!!!!


It's Zelda, why wouldn't I buy this?


I absolutely love Breath of the Wild. So this is a nice treat to get yourself or someone who likes the game.


BotW didn’t win Game of the Year for nothing. These stickers are just as legendary!