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Toy Party游戏截图

【图】Toy Party: Match 3 Hexa Blast!(截图1)【图】Toy Party: Match 3 Hexa Blast!(截图2)【图】Toy Party: Match 3 Hexa Blast!(截图3)

Toy Party游戏简介

Blast off!! Launch yourself into one of the best free matching games!
Looking for more than just 4 direction match 3 games and puzzles!? Try your hand with SIX DIRECTIONS with the hexa puzzle block game for adults & children and enjoy the fun and magic of TOY PARTY! the new FREE MATCH 3 game from the creators of casual puzzle games enjoyed by more than 8 MILLION players!
– Bored of easy puzzle games for adults that even young children can solve?
– Got a creative AND logical brain to take on a DAZZLING MATCH 3 PUZZLE CHALLENGE?
Find yourself in the shoes of Joyce, a young girl who ends up visiting the magical world of toys. Help Joyce in her toy box puzzle adventure by clearing each creative level, all taking place on the hexagon block game board.
Take on SIX directions on a HEXA BLOCK MATCHING bee hive shaped toybox game board!
Play TOY PARTY, the BEST free matching games for adults!

– Swap and match-3 or more similar toy blocks!
– Blast blocks away with fun Toy boosters!
– Open the Toybox to collect even more toys!
– Be creative with the toy block match directions!
– Crush the hexa shaped puzzle game board with your strategy game skill!
– Remember there are SIX directions to match the toy block!!
– Make more Toy boosters with dazzling lollipop colors!
– Clear each level by achieving the puzzle challenge!!
– Enjoy hexa block match 3 puzzle solving games!

– Want to play the next smash hit brand NEW match 3 games?
Looking to play free games without wifi? No wifi needed to play puzzle games for free in Toy Party! You can take on this delight alone or play with friends and family to see who can get the highest score! It’s best match 3 game for adults and kids! See who can get more golden trophies!

◽ Toy Party is a FREE MATCH 3 puzzle game with in-app purchases available
◽ Toy Party is a six way, match 3 hexa block puzzle game
◽ Toy Party will provide a fun challenge for traditional 4 direction match 3 users
◽ Toy Party is a hexa matching games for adults

◽Toy Party FAQ Link: https://cookapps.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/115000952828-Toy-Party
◽ Toy Party Support Link: https://cookapps.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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