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H2H Fantasy Hockey应用简介

It’s Easy!

Using a salary cap of $100 Million, pick a team of 8 pro hockey players, a utility player and a goaltender staff that you think will score the most points each week using our unique Head-2-Head scoring system.

All players have been assigned a salary based on past performances and expected performance this season. You must choose 2 Centers, 2 Left Wings, 2 Right Wings, 2 Defensemen, 1 Goaltender Staff and 1 Flex Position (any player – a second goaltender staff is not allowed). Your players will earn Head2Head Fantasy Points based on their actual on-ice performance.

Go Head2Head Each Week

All entries will be placed in a 32-team league made up of four 8-team divisions for 17 weeks. During the 2021 H2H Regular Season, which runs from Wednesday, January 13th through Saturday, May 8th, you will compete Head-2-Head each week (Wed-Tue) against a new opponent. If during the week your fantasy hockey team scores more H2H points than your opponent’s team, then you post a win for that week!

Score Big Points

Each week your players earn points for their actual on-ice performance. Points are awarded according to the official Head2Head scoring system.

We’ll Keep You Updated

Each week you will receive personalized reports regarding the overall contest, including your head2head weekly boxscores and upcoming match-ups. Your opponents roster will appear after the trading deadline each period. You will also receive full league standings, scores, the weekly Top 100, Kellie’s Lock of the Week and more!

H2H Playoffs

At the end of the regular season the top three (3) teams in each division will qualify for the 2021 H2H Playoffs. In addition, four (4) teams from each league that did not automatically qualify for the 2021 H2H Playoffs will earn “wildcard” playoff berths. The 2021 H2H Playoffs will run concurrently with the pro hockey playoffs, approximately Tuesday, May 11th and running throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There is no Head-2-Head play and no elimination in the H2H Playoffs.

Talk some smack

Use league messaging to talk some smack to your opponents or buddies in your league. You’ll receive a message indicator on your team account and an email alert that you’ve been sent a message. This is a great way to talk up your game and to get to know your opponents!

Important tips

Have fun! Fantasy Hockey is intended solely for entertainment purposes. But we all know that losing sucks. Try any combination of asking for our advice, throwing objects or even some 12 ounce curls to bring back your sanity.

Keep an eye out for good values, aka the “sleeper” (players who have low salaries and yield high H2H point totals). Take note that the salaries may change twice during the season. Once in the middle of the season some salaries will decrease only. Just prior to the playoffs all player salaries may go both up or down.

H2H Fantasy Hockey is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with the National Hockey League or Apple and its affiliates. No purchase necessary. All entries must be received by Thursday, January 14, 2021 to be eligible to play.

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I love how easy it is to set my hockey lineup, and stats are fast and reliable. Love it!


Expect to wait MONTHS for your payout and expect to have to email Customer Service constantly to get it. They won’t enforce their own rules. They allow people to enter more contests than their own rules allow. People will just use their kids and wives names and have a bunch of different entries with all the same scores, so it’s painfully obvious. Someone will enter all these entries simultaneously and get all of their own teams put in one division. Then they will have the same lineup throughout the season. Rules say that a tie in a division gives playoff spots to all parties. So, those four entries by the same person now gets all the playoff spots. Then, they can dominate the postseason. I’ve seen up to 16 entries (when the rules clearly say 4 entries per household) with the same name and same score in the top 100. I’ve explained ALL of this in detail to Customer Service and they just make excuses. I would stay far away from this company if I were you.