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【图】MUTTS: Classic Mooch & Earl(截图1)【图】MUTTS: Classic Mooch & Earl(截图2)


Spread the fun with this MUTTS “Classic” sticker pack featuring the comic strip’s beloved cat-and-dog duo Mooch and Earl. Highlights include Mooch’s famous catchphrase “Yesh!” and his alter ego “The Dude” — plus plenty of sweet, tail-wagging reactions from our favorite pup, Earl.

Having trouble installing? Check out Apple’s instructions here (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206906) and feel free to contact us directly at support@mutts.com if you’re still experiencing issues.


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Spread the fun with this MUTTS "Clas..
Spread the fun with this MUTTS "Classic" sticker pack featuring the comic strip's beloved cat-and-dog duo Mooch and Earl. Highlights include Mooch's famous catchphrase "Yesh!" and ..





I love the Mutts comic strip, because it has such a 1930s style look! I love these stickers! But they can be a challenge to find, once you buy them. First of all, I was looking in the wrong place. Most of my “messages” are on Facebook. But these don’t seem to show up on Facebook. Instead, they show up in Texts. Here’s the absolute EASIEST and non-brain wracking way of going through 10 hoops to find them. Ready for it? On THIS page, right after you buy the pack, tap on the little box that used to say “Buy.” It will now say “Open.” And voilà. It takes you right over to your Text messages, and you will see your Mutts stickers right there, ready to apply. The other method is to simply open your Text messages, and tap on the “A” on the left of the text box, which is really the Apple symbol for the App Store. The sticker pack will open. It’s as simple as that. Yesh!


I love Mutts, but unfortunately can't open this!


It is a great smattering of images which I love to send out. I use them all the time. I want more. MORE MORE MORE MORE!!! Quickly becoming the most used "App" on my phone.


I have been trying all the little fixes but cannot find them! Please help, can't click on any of the help links in other people's comments


Am I missing something? There's a very limited selection to choose from. Is anyone else wishing there were more? I see only about 20 or so????? Otherwise, very cute!


I'm so happy that I have this app!! I have always loved Mutts and love that I can now add them to my messages. I would love to see even more stickers added to this, or a volume 2.


It's the BEST!


I am upgrading my review. Now that I know how to find it on the iphone..I LOVE it. Mutts is a huge fave of mine. I too would like little pink sock, Schmillie, and Guard Dog. Stinky also. I love seeing him, Mooch, in his little car racing down the sidewalk.


I've loved the strip Mutts for years, and now I can share that with my family thru my text messages. Love love love.


Love Mutts, love the stickers. Not hard to set up, easy to use. Thanks to the Mutts characters for the fun 😻


If you are a fan of MUTTS then you will LOVE these stickers. When I use them in my texts everyone LOVES them. Yes it's a little tricky to figure out how to start using them, BUT that's not the Mutts app thing that is all sticker apps you down load. Once you know how to use it then no problems at all and you can STICKER AWAY!


At first, after downloading, I couldn't find the stickers on my phone. Someone on the Mutts Facebook page had a helpful post. Open your iPhone messenger app. Next to where you type, click on the letter A. Down at the bottom left of my screen were 4 circles grouped together. Click on that. To turn on the Mutts stickers, click the blue cross that says Store. Then click Manage. You can then turn on the Mutts stickers, and if desired, turn off the plethora of other ones. So yes, it takes some button smashing, but the stickers are there.


It is installed, according to the app store, but I can't find them anywhere. Can anyone help? I figured out how to do this, but it was a bit tough to figure out. Now i think they're so cute and I revised my score!


I needed help from the Apple support link posted with the Mutts email, but now I can incorporate my favorite cartoon characters in my texts. These are fun! Thank you!


I couldn't find them at first either but open up a text and tap on the "app" symbol (looks like an uppercase A) next to the message input bubble and you'll see your downloaded stickers. I ❤️ them!


Cannot figure out hoe to use now that app is downloaded..doesn't even show up on my iPad screen!


Thank you so much for your help! I am so very happy to have these Mutts stickers! YESH!! I'll keep my star rating at five because these are so adorable and I'm also very appreciative of your help. <>


I adore this comic! Have for years. To make this pack complete, we need Mooch with his Little Pink Sock and Guard Dog, preferably unchained! Keep up the great work!


I really want these stickers, but they didn't download. When I check the App Store, it shows that it has downloaded. Is there a way I can uninstall and then try downloading again? It doesn't give me the option to buy again.


I'm so happy that I can now express my emotions with the help of Mooch and Earl! Great app...just follow the directions in the App Store and it's easy to use.


I will use these a lot! Also took me a few minutes to figure out how to activate my first "stickers" - but just go to Apple support for very clear and easy instructions. Note: a direct link was made available on the Mutts email advertising the availability of these "stickers." Look for it.


Great that I have Mooch and Earl to add more to my messages! Easy to use.


I downloaded Earl and Mooch but they are not to be found on my iPad. Any help?


My favorite cartoon characters from my favorite cartoonist. All that's missing is a little pink "shock!"




I can't find them on my phone either. Help?


Love this sticker pack. Earl and Mooch at their best. Thank you Patrick!


It took me a minute to figure out how to setup these stickers, but once I did I haven't stopped using them. It's a great selection of Mooch and Early representing some of my most used expressions. I hope to see more MUTTS Comics apps on iOS and Android.