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0.3.27 version: improvement of the articifial intelligence. It will draw new objectives when the routes of its current objectives are blocked by the human players.

Ticket to Ride游戏截图

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Ticket to Ride游戏简介

“***It looks like Days of Wonder has come up with a solution to my problem with the introduction of Ticket to Ride: First Journey.*** -Game Trending
***A fantastic new direction for a hugely popular series of games.*** -The Gaming Review
***The answer to a lot of parents’ dreams.*** -Daily Worker Placement

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is part of the famous Ticket to Ride board game series. In this version, players can embark on their very first ride and visit major European and American cities. The game is easy for the whole family to play together. The youngest players can now challenge the most experienced in Ticket to Ride First Journey.

Collect train cards, claim routes on the map and try to connect the cities shown on tickets. Each player starts with four colored train cards and two tickets. Each ticket shows two cities, and the aim is to connect those two cities with a contiguous path of your trains in order to complete the ticket.
On a turn, you either draw two train cards from the deck or discard train cards of matching color to claim a route between two cities. Once you complete a route, you will be given a new one. The first player to complete the six tickets wins. It takes a little risk but it’s lots of fun!

Have fun through original illustrations and funny animations once you connect the cities. Learn more about the different cities and their iconic monuments.
Share this adventure until 4 players on the same device thanks to the pass and play mode. If you want to play in solo, you can just play versus the AI.

Receive a golden ticket when winning the game and add your reward picture to your collection. In this digital adaptation, challenge yourself against the AI or play with your friends, thanks to the pass and play mode! With its easy rules, beautiful animations and illustrations, it is an ideal game for the whole family when they are ready for an adventure!

– Family friendly game play
– Solo mode
– Pass & Play mode to play on the same device with family and friends (4 players max)
– Unlock rewards and build your collection of city pictures
– Rediscover the famous Ticket to Ride board game with this simplified version

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Ticket to Ride游戏下载




I bought this app to introduce Ticket to Ride to my grandchildren, and we all loved it. Unfortunately it no longer launches on my iPhone or iPad with iOS 14.2. Any attempt to launch immediately exits. Hopefully there will be a fix soon!


This a fun family game to play together.


I really like the design of the game. I purchased the other ticket to ride game after this one thinking it would be similar it is not. I prefer this version. I hope there is a plan to offer other regions: India, Asia, Australia, etc. My daughter and I play it together and we both like the animations and graphics.


Not worth the money at all. Very small, very very limited features. Most functionalities are half baked.


Frustrating. Once a new pop up is earn and the game goes to the screen to reveal the new location, that is it! The game does not continue after that, but starts from the beginning. All routes, pop ups and player ranking are gone. So 10 minutes of play time and we never get past earning a pop up!!!




My kid enjoys it a lot but we can't play on my iPhone X as some of the ui is hidden by the notch.




It’s ok for first time players learning. Not what I expected. But I tried several times to make an account to play Europe but no go!! So I’ve deleted the game.


This is a great, fun way to introduce younger gamers to the world of ticket to ride. Fairly intuitive to play and the simplified rules are great for the beginner. The pass and play option is nice but it would be awesome to have the local play option like the more mature Ticket to Ride. Also, the graphics are beautiful but really busy on smaller screens. Keep evolving this app!


There is no mention of the rule that the game ends when someone runs out of trains. The rules merely say "first player to get to 6 wins!" But that isn't even true, and for someone who hasn't played TTR before, it would be quite frustrating to have your game suddenly end! (That said, I think it would be great to provide an "unlimited trains" option so that kids who aren't yet ready to deal with keeping track of that information can just build until someone does reach 6 routes, as described in the rules!) Another rules issue: in the Europe map, the rules do not adjust to explain what cities earn the "coast-to-coast" bonus for that map... And since there is no East coast for Europe, it's not exactly intuitive! This is an otherwise fun game that I look forward to playing with my younger relatives at Christmas this year... But I sure hope that there will be an update to the game before then!


For a children’s app for people with limited dexterity the mechanism for dropping trains on routes is a nightmare, especially the routes on the bottom of the screen. Drag and drop is proving to be difficult when it then needs to zoom in for and drop on the route. It’s made worse when it’s the item under the finger and not the item under the orange arrow. For a little while I found a way to show my kid to show routes and select the color card you want to play, but even that appears in an unreliable fashion.


I downloaded this for my kid but I’ve been playing vs the AI nonstop. Play a hard AI and let it go first. Try to win twice in a row; it’s very hard. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I’d like a way to speed up the animations for all players and maybe even turn them off. The screen can get quite busy. Also, an undo feature would be nice since this is meant for kids. Kids make mistakes, click the wrong part of the screen, etc.