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Wolf Simulator 2017 . Wolves Running Game vs Dogs游戏截图

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Wolf Simulator 2017 . Wolves Running Game vs Dogs游戏简介

Since a fatal wolf attack in the village, life has change. People are afraid to walk alone without protection and farmers do not want to leave their crops and their animals unattended. They installed fences and put guard dogs for protection. But life is not easy and winter is very hard.

On the other side, wolves are very intelligent wild animals living in mountains with extreme temperatures. They are able to plan strategies and will do anything to survive. Sometimes they even organise themselves in a wolves clan, because they need diets high in protein, hard to get in extreme winter conditions.

Help our wild wolves clan to survive the winter in this simulator game! Take a wolf and guide him across the field to reach his food: Medium-sized farm animals. But be careful because the field is now protected by fearsome guard dogs willing to kill every wolf they see! Dogs are weaker than wolves but one wild wolf will not be able to manage to fight against a herd of dogs!

– Protect your wolf against dog attacks in an infinite race across the field
– Choose your favourite wolf from the wolves clan and start a race for your survival. Each one has unique features, so choose wisely!
– Fearsome dogs are your enemy. Learn how to avoid them before you get killed!
– Addictive simulator game with amazing graphics: Enjoy the realism of these animal races!
– Very intuitive to play these races full of action!
– This animal games are appropriate for children and adults

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Have fun!

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Wolf Simulator 2017 . Wolves Running Game vs Dogs游戏下载




It’s an OK game..... but can u make your wolf walk pls...????


I really enjoy this game I am so glad I got this game


I want this to be deleted off the app store right now. I mean it could be a game for people who like Subway surfers or something so don’t get this except if you are one of those people


All you do is run 🏃♀️ and you die when you are still running after five Second you get bored 😑.its just a stupid game!!! DO NOT GET IT!!!!!its a waste of time.Do not take up your space!!!


It is the game that I was looking for!you can change your wolf and see how fast your wolf can go and you guys are complaining that you run all the time wolves run a lot!


All you do is run! And u guys are complaining because all you do is run!!! The title of the game is wolf simulator wolves running vs dogs =.=! DUHHHH!!


Hi I’m really glad I got the game.But there is one thing wrong, all you do is run!




This is the best game ever


It looked fun and more exciting at first, but all u do is run! And there is not good adds on it. Don’t get this game, it’s really boring, get it if u want to be bored. NOT exciting.


I don’t like how you get timed I get so close and then BOOM l die. 20,19,18 and on. I thought you play multiplayer with who you want.DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME EVER!!! Please do not wast space. Again WORST GAME EVER


This game isn’t a simulator all you do is run. And you can’t even hunt. The pictures made this game look fun but you can’t hunt, raise pups, or anything! Rename it “Wolf run” ok?


All you do is run! To much adds and you have to pay to get rid of Adds!? I got this game but after the first ten seconds I got bored. I thought this game was when you get to run free and could race too. But when I got on all you did was race. I wish I could give this game no stars. I would rather get my sister FNaF and she hates FNaF.


You have to watch a video every game that you play.








好玩的酷跑游戏 3D画面 全景呈现 不错