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- Performance and stability improvements We hope that you enjoy playing Sudoku.com. We read all your reviews carefully to make the game even better for you. Please leave us some feedback to let us know why you love this game and what you'd like us to improve in it. Keep your mind active with Sudoku.com!


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Solve sudoku puzzles, train your brain, and have fun! Thousands of sudoku puzzles to explore. Install to start now!

Classic sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you’d like to relax or keep your mind active – pass the time in a pleasant way! Get a short stimulating break or clear your head with Sudoku.com. Take your favorite game with you wherever you go. Playing Sudoku.com on mobile is as good as with a pencil and paper.

Choose any level you like. Play easier levels to challenge your brain, or try expert levels to give your mind a real workout. Sudoku.com has some features that make the game easier for you: hints, auto-check, and highlighted duplicates. You can use them, or complete the challenge without their help – it’s totally up to you! What’s more, in Sudoku.com each puzzle has one solution.

Get an amazing sudoku experience:

· Take notes to keep track of possible numbers. Every time you fill in a cell, your notes are automatically updated!
· Hints can guide you when you get stuck
· Complete Daily Challenges and get unique trophies
· Take part in Seasonal events and win unique medals
· View Statistics and track your progress
· Color themes. Choose one of the three looks to play with more comfort, even in the dark!
· Challenge yourself and figure out your mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to see your mistakes as you go
· Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column or block
· Express yourself with funny ninja stickers for iMessage!

Challenge your brain with Sudoku.com anywhere, anytime!



初学者和高级玩家的经典数独。无论你是想放松还是保持头脑活跃 — 以愉快的方式打发时间!用Sudoku.com短暂刺激休息或清醒头脑。无论你去哪里,都带上你最喜欢的游戏。在手机上玩Sudoku.com就像用铅笔和纸一样好。

选择你喜欢的任何级别。玩更容易的水平来挑战你的大脑,或者尝试专家水平来给你的头脑一个真正的锻炼。Sudoku.com具有一些功能,使您的游戏更轻松: 提示,自动检查和突出显示的重复项。你可以使用它们,或者在没有他们帮助的情况下完成挑战 — 这完全取决于你!此外,在Sudoku.com,每个难题都有一个解决方案。


· 做笔记以跟踪可能的数字。每次填写单元格时,您的笔记都会自动更新!
· 当你被卡住时,提示可以指导你
· 完成日常挑战并获得独特的奖杯
· 参加季节性赛事,赢得独一无二的奖牌
· 查看统计数据并跟踪您的进度
· 色彩主题。选择三种外观中的一种,即使在黑暗中也能更加舒适地玩耍!
· 挑战自我,找出你的错误,或者启用自动检查,看看你的错误
· 突出显示重复,以避免在行、列或块中重复数字
· 表达自己与有趣的忍者贴纸iMessage!








To many ads.


Here is to put your number skills to work. I do not do easily get bored with this game. 这是为了让你的数字技能发挥作用。我不容易对这个游戏感到厌烦。


Thanks for existing 感谢现有的


When in Hard and Expert mode and you’re using notes, if you answer wrong in one cell and had that number as a not in other cells those notes are deleted. It results in having to recheck multiple cells notes to make sure they’re accurate before continuing, otherwise you make a chain reaction of mistakes. What a terrible design! Fix it or I’ll switch to any of the other sudoku games that aren’t so idiotic.




I love the interface and ease of use, I like that you can tap and hold for speed entry of candidates, my reason for 4 stars is 2 fold...I wish the difficulty level was higher and that you had the ability to enter your own games from books etc.
我喜欢这个界面和易用性,我喜欢你可以点击并保持快速进入候选人,我的4星原因是2倍... 我希望难度更高,你有能力从书籍等进入自己的游戏。


So feb 1 on the daily challenges won’t let me put 4 in any of the boxes in the middle bottom square even though that’s the only place you can put that 所以2月1日的每日挑战不会让我在中间底部广场的任何盒子里放4个,尽管那是你唯一可以放的地方


Update: I know you didn’t actually change anything, but I’m adding some stars because you cared enough to respond;) Previously when I have turned to this app for entertainment I loved that I never ran into a bowman’s bingo situation, even in the expert puzzles. I don’t know if there was an update or if I was just lucky before, but now every other puzzle runs to a guessing situation, I even backed down to the level hard and ran into them. It’s not a legit game if you have to use bowman’s bingo to solve it; it’s just crappy puzzle making. Smh.
更新: 我知道你实际上并没有改变任何东西,但我添加了一些星星,因为你足够关心回应;) 以前,当我转向这个应用程序娱乐时,我喜欢我从来没有遇到过鲍曼的宾果游戏,即使在专家谜题中也是如此。我不知道是否有更新,或者我以前是否只是幸运,但是现在所有其他谜题都出现在猜测的情况下,我甚至努力回到水平并遇到了它们。如果您必须使用bowman的宾果游戏来解决它,这不是合法的游戏; 这只是糟糕的拼图制作。Smh。


I loved it but about 2 months ago there was an update and ALL of the daily puzzles are either Expert lever or hard which is QUITE stupid and frustrating. 我喜欢它,但是大约2个月前有一个更新,所有的日常难题要么是专家杠杆,要么是硬,这是相当愚蠢和令人沮丧的。


Not very good ads, mostly about their other games, and way too long, gameplay itself about 4 stars though 不是很好的广告,主要是关于他们的其他游戏,而且太长了,游戏本身大约是4星


This is a great app! It is well thought out and executed. I wish the row numbers at the bottom (where I tap which number to enter in a cell) were further apart because I sometimes press the wrong number (say a 2 instead of a 3) and it marks it as an error. Which it was of course but you are only allowed 3 before it ends the game. If I’m tired I make the fumble....I suppose I should then just stop ....which I often do, lol. I turn on the notes to prevent this but it would be nice if they were further apart. Not sure if others have this minor issue.....but it won’t stop me from enjoying it :)
这是一个很棒的应用程序!经过深思熟虑并执行。我希望底部的行号 (我点击在单元格中输入的数字) 相距更远,因为我有时会按错误的数字 (说2而不是3),并将其标记为错误。当然是这样,但在游戏结束前你只能被允许3。如果我累了,我会弄虚作假……。我想我应该停下来。... 我经常这样做,哈哈。我打开笔记以防止这种情况,但是如果它们分开得更远,那就太好了。不确定其他人是否有这个小问题 ..... 但这不会阻止我享受它 :)


Good game but keeps freezing - I have to keep exiting and reopen 不错的游戏,但一直冻结-我必须继续退出并重新开放


I enjoy this version of sudoku because it is challenging, It is fun to see if I beat my old time 我喜欢这个版本的数独,因为它具有挑战性,很高兴看到我是否打败了我的旧时光


When it works it’s great, but lately it’s been freezing a lot. 当它起作用时,它很棒,但是最近它已经冻结了很多。


You have to accept their terms and conditions to use the app. The Terms and privacy policy both link to a blank page that briefly (<1 second) flashes them up there so you can’t see them. I guess they feel the need to hide what they are doing.
您必须接受他们的条款和条件才能使用该应用程序。条款和隐私政策都链接到一个空白页,该空白页短暂地 (<1秒) 闪烁它们,因此您看不到它们。我猜他们觉得有必要隐藏他们在做什么。


It’s a great game, numbers are not my strong point but it can be quite enjoyable playing sudoku!!! 这是一款很棒的游戏,数字不是我的长处,但是玩数独游戏可能会很有趣!


So the reason I gave this a 3 is because I have had this app on my phone now for 2 months and for the entire 2 months the “Journey”’feature has said “the next journey will be available soon”....two months is not soon!
所以我给这个3的原因是因为我已经在我的手机上使用了这个应用程序2个月,并且在整个2个月的 “旅程” 功能上说 “下一个旅程将很快可用”。两个月不是很快!


Lots of fun, addicting! 很多乐趣,上瘾!


The game is awesome!!!! 游戏太棒了!




This app used 3gb of my cellular data in less than two weeks! Something is seriously wrong with this app! 这个应用程序在不到两周的时间内使用了3gb的我的蜂窝数据!这个应用程序有严重的问题!


I like to play while my phone is charging and it would be great if the game turned the direction of my phone (like other apps). As it is I can only play the game with the charger on the bottom because the games doesn’t change directions when I move phone. Also, with game on my Apple tablet I can’t see my scores.
我喜欢在手机充电时玩,如果游戏改变了手机的方向 (就像其他应用程序一样),那就太好了。因为我只能在底部的充电器上玩游戏,因为移动手机时游戏不会改变方向。另外,在我的苹果平板电脑上玩游戏时,我看不到我的分数。


I love this app, and I literally use it every day. I do have one minor thing, though: under my statistics, it say my quickest time is 7 seconds. Pretty obvious that’s not true😂. Developers, this app still deserves a 5 star rating, but could you please give some help in a response?
我喜欢这个应用程序,我每天都在使用它。不过,我确实有一件小事: 根据我的统计,它说我最快的时间是7秒。很明显这不是真的。开发人员,此应用程序仍然值得5星评级,但是请您提供一些帮助以做出回应吗?


Once app is opened it’ll freeze a few seconds into a game. The app has to be completely restarted in order to continue only to have it freeze again. Every time. 一旦打开应用程序,它将在游戏中冻结几秒钟。该应用程序必须完全重新启动,才能继续运行,才能再次冻结。每次。


Great support for successful completion of each puzzle, much fun and relaxing. 为成功完成每个难题提供了极大的支持,非常有趣和放松。


Enjoy playing the game mind challenging 享受玩游戏的思维挑战


Dark mode


Quick, challenging but doable ( HARD category, for me! Have to try next up degree if difficulty!), and free! Thanks! TomM DC 快速,具有挑战性但可行 (对我来说,困难类别!如果有困难,必须尝试下一个学位!),而且免费!谢谢!汤姆DC


I have to admit, this is the best looking sudoku app out there, it’s interface is super intuitive and the advertisements aren’t even that bad since puzzles take a while to complete. But there’s a serious problem, the lines from the puzzle get burned onto your display. And good luck getting them out, it’s on your physical screen, not a display problem. Find a way to fix it and I’ll redownload, but for now I can’t use it since it harms my phone. Don’t download it unless you almost never use your phone.




Ads are ridiculous!!! 30 second ad then another after that!!! 广告太荒谬了!30秒广告,然后在那之后又一个!


I feel it is a game good for the brain 我觉得这是一款对大脑有益的游戏


A lot of ad


It is an amazing app. It helps with anxiety too!😁😁😁😁 这是一个了不起的应用程序。它也有助于焦虑!


Me love long time 我爱很久了


Too many interruptions with other games 与其他游戏的干扰太多


Way to many pop ups Way way to many pop ups. 通往许多弹出窗口的方式。


Two things that might help us color blind almost blind people please. 1 consider more color options and contrast options. Currently, very difficult to make out what the numbers are. 2. My wife pointed out that numbers entered incorrectly have their colors changed. I did not know that. I’d love to have a flashing number or a loud (almost deaf too) beep when an error placement has been made. I do really enjoy this. Unlike newspaper sudokus, everyone does not play the same puzzle on same day. My wife and I play each day, on two separate iPads. Would be nice to be able to have some completion. Any way to sync the games?
两件事可能会帮助我们色盲几乎失明的人请。1考虑更多的颜色选项和对比度选项。目前,很难确定数字是多少。2.我妻子指出输入错误的数字会改变颜色。我不知道。当出现错误位置时,我希望有一个闪烁的数字或响亮的 (几乎充耳不闻) 蜂鸣声。我真的很喜欢这个。与报纸sudokus不同,每个人都不会在同一天玩相同的拼图。我和妻子每天都在两个独立的ipad上玩。能够完成一些会很好。有什么方法可以同步游戏吗?


Too many commercials and they last too long 广告太多,持续时间太长


Good game but too many ads 不错的游戏,但广告太多


I enjoy this game as it is good for my brain and the sense of accomplishment in completing the task! 我喜欢这个游戏,因为它对我的大脑和完成任务的成就感都有好处!


I love playing whenever I have time 我喜欢只要有时间就玩


Sometimes I step away to attend other business only to come back to ads or commercials that take away from the concentration of the game! 有时我会离开去参加其他业务,只是回到广告或广告中,这些广告或广告会远离游戏的注意力!


I love this game so much! It is a great one! In my opinion definitely one of the best sudokus i’ve seen! The only thing i don’t like is that you can only get three answers wrong. That makes me work harder in a way. Overall an amazing game, would recommend.


Takes a while to figure out how, but the key is to reduce the number of choices in ANY of a row or column or square to only 2 or 3. Then progress is pretty quick 需要一段时间来弄清楚如何做,但关键是将行、列或正方形中任何一个的选择数量减少到只有2或3个。然后进展很快


My dad introduced me to sudoku and i LOVED it it was so time taking, and now days me and my dad spend hours on the game! great job devs!! 我父亲向我介绍了数独,我很喜欢它,因为它花费了很多时间,现在我和我父亲花了几个小时在游戏上!干得好!!


Live this game! Fun, helps you get smarter, and levels for all! 现场直播这个游戏!乐趣,帮助你变得更聪明,和所有的水平!


I love Sudoku; it is one of my favorites and I play it quite a bit from many sources so I thought I would give your app a try. I chose easy for first game to allow me to see how your app operated in terms of filling in the grids. I had a bit of trouble with the game placing numbers in the chosen square; they landed in a square adjacent to where I chose. Quickly the game ended saying I had made three mistakes and game was over. They were not mistakes I made by choosing the wrong square intentionally but rather by a square inadvertently being touched or my not knowing exactly how your game operated. I do not like the feature where the game ends if 3 mistakes are made; especially on the very first game when a player is still trying to understand how your app functions in terms of number placement. In fact, I like to work my sudoku puzzles to completion and if I make an occasional mistake, I like the challenge of finding and fixing it. I do not want the game to kick me out. As a result your app is gone. I have plenty of other sudoku games to play that are both challenging and fun and they do not aggravate me with unnecessary restrictions.
我爱数独; 它是我的最爱之一,我从很多来源播放它,所以我想尝试一下您的应用程序。我选择了easy for first game,以便让我了解您的应用程序在填充网格方面的运行方式。游戏在选定的正方形中放置数字时遇到了一些麻烦; 他们降落在与我选择的地方相邻的正方形中。比赛很快就结束了,说我犯了三个错误,比赛结束了。这些不是我故意选择错误的正方形而犯的错误,而是由于无意中被触摸或我不知道您的游戏是如何操作的正方形而犯的错误。如果犯了3个错误,我不喜欢游戏结束的功能; 尤其是在第一个游戏中,当玩家仍在尝试了解您的应用程序在数字放置方面的功能时。实际上,我喜欢完成数独拼图,如果我偶尔犯了一个错误,我喜欢寻找和修复它的挑战。我不想让游戏把我踢出去。结果,您的应用程序消失了。我还有很多其他的数独游戏可以玩,既具有挑战性又有趣,它们不会因为不必要的限制而使我感到不适。


Terrible company 糟糕的公司