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Improved controls & gameplay More enemies to defeat and avoid Spectacular explosion effects Updated weapons iMessage extension new and improved too

AstroQuest 2.0游戏截图

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AstroQuest 2.0游戏简介

AstroQuest 2.0 is an exciting top down space shooter game. Avoid asteroids, enemy ships, mines and drones while completing levels of increasing length and difficulty. Earn game tokens while playing, tokens can be used to upgrade spaceships and increase weapons during gameplay. Replay levels to better your score or time, lower unlocked levels can be replayed with better faster ships with more ammunition at any time!

Targeting devices running iOS 13.1 or higher. Available for both iPhone, iPad and also includes an iMessage extension for compatible devices.

Download it free today and try to become an AstroQuest Champion!

Features Main App:
– Game Center Support with leader board and achievements
– Select from 3 different movement controls: Swiping, Tilting or Joypad
– Left / Right selectable control positions
– Home screen Quick Actions to start game
– 3D Touch Peek & Pop menu items
– In App Purchases
– Social media sharing
– No pop-up interstitial ads

Features for iMessage Extension:
– Select from 3 different movement controls: Swiping, Tilting or Joypad
– Left / Right selectable control positions
– Game tokens transfer automatically between extension and main app
– The use of upgraded ships in the main app available for use in the extension


AstroQuest 2.0是一个令人兴奋的自上而下的太空射击游戏。避免小行星,敌舰,地雷和无人机,同时完成不断增加的长度和难度。在玩游戏时赚取游戏代币,代币可用于升级飞船并在游戏过程中增加武器。重播级别,以更好的你的分数或时间,更低的解锁级别可以在任何时候用更多的弹药与更好的更快的船只重播!

针对运行iOS 13.1或更高版本的设备。适用于iPhone、iPad,还包括兼容设备的iMessage扩展。


-从3种不同的移动控制中选择: 滑动、倾斜或移动手柄

-从3种不同的移动控制中选择: 滑动、倾斜或移动手柄

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Graphics are awesome lovely app Highly recommended For graphics lover 图形是非常棒的可爱的应用程序,强烈推荐给图形爱好者


The devs know exactly what they were building with this beautiful game. I loved playing it from the start. Can't wait to see what happens with the future updates of this game. 开发人员确切地知道他们用这个漂亮的游戏建造了什么。我从一开始就喜欢玩它。迫不及待地想看看这款游戏的未来更新会发生什么。


As far as space shooters go it’s not that bad, not my favorite type of game but still played it for a while. 就太空射手而言,还不错,不是我最喜欢的游戏类型,但仍然玩了一段时间。