冒险 角色扮演


This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. -Added close Token Menu button -Maps now remember the last viewed Pan / Zoom location -Drawing tools no longer automatically disabled when opening the DM Drawer -Additional red border added when editing Fog of War to make it easier to distinguish between Fog editing and normal Drawing and Erasing -Stamps and Player Tokens can now be expanded! See the updated instruction manual for more information




Infinitas DM – Dungeon Mastery. A platform to create, organize, and play campaigns for Pen and Paper RPGs.

Unlike other “digital tabletops,” InfinitasDM takes the power of digital tools and brings them to the physical table. Create and control your campaign from your iOS device while casting a secondary Player’s View to another display via Chromecast.

In addition to creating and playing content from mobile devices, campaign files are also compatible across all desktop and mobile versions of the app. For even more immersion mount or project the Player’s View display onto your gaming table and use physical miniatures and set pieces to enhance your gaming experience.

This allows GM / DMs to use tools like:

-Digital Maps (Import existing maps or create them from scratch within InfinitasDM)
-Fog of War
-Documents (writing, viewing, and organization)
-Player tokens
-Map Links that connect directly to documents and other maps, and more

All without forcing everyone to play from individual computers over the internet.

Note: Please be sure to download the Instruction Manual available on our website, or from the Support URL link listed beneath this description for a complete understanding of all of the apps features and tools.


Infinitas DM-地下城精通。一个为笔和纸rpg创建、组织和播放活动的平台。

与其他 “数字桌面” 不同,InfinitasDM拥有数字工具的力量,并将它们带到物理桌上。在通过Chromecast将辅助播放器的视图投射到另一个显示器的同时,通过iOS设备创建和控制您的广告系列。


这允许GM / DMs使用工具,如:

-数字地图 (导入现有地图或在InfinitasDM中从头开始创建它们)
-文件 (写作、查看和组织)


注意: 请务必下载我们网站上的说明手册,或从本说明下方列出的支持URL链接中下载,以全面了解所有应用程序功能和工具。


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把你的冒险带到一个新的水平!将您的iPad或iPhone变成纸笔虚拟桌面,只需拖动手指即可创建地图。 战斗地图将美化瓷砖,计算视线,并揭示陷阱-在您的设备上,或在外部显示器上!..
把你的冒险带到一个新的水平!将您的iPad或iPhone变成纸笔虚拟桌面,只需拖动手指即可创建地图。 战斗地图将美化瓷砖,计算视线,并揭示陷阱-在您的设备上,或在外部显示器上! 更新:大修从地面增加改进的用户界面,高质量的PDF导出,以及更多! * 适用于您的iPhone,iPod Touch和iPad-购买一次,随处可见! * 极其易于使用-用手指绘画,拖..
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Infinitas DM-地下城精通。一个为笔和纸rpg创建、组织和播放活动的平台。 与其他 “数字桌面” 不同,InfinitasDM拥有数字工具的力量,并将它们..
Infinitas DM-地下城精通。一个为笔和纸rpg创建、组织和播放活动的平台。 与其他 “数字桌面” 不同,InfinitasDM拥有数字工具的力量,并将它们带到物理桌上。在通过Chromecast将辅助播放器的视图投射到另一个显示器的同时,通过iOS设备创建和控制您的广告系列。 除了从移动设备创建和播放内容外,campaign文件还兼容该..





A good interactive mapping tool. Also, pretty much the only one of its kind in the app store. Contrary to many reviews here, I have seen no major bugs with the latest iPad. Though I do deeply, dearly wish there was an export feature of some sort... If I'm making a whole campaign, I want to preserve it in pdf format or something.
一个很好的交互式映射工具。此外,几乎是app store中唯一的同类产品。与这里的许多评论相反,我没有看到最新iPad的重大错误。尽管我确实非常希望有一个某种出口功能...如果我正在制作整个广告系列,我想将其保留为pdf格式或其他格式。


I’d probably love this app if I could get past a loading screen. Last update was 1 year ago? My iPad is listed as being compatible, but the app probably needs an update. 如果我能通过加载屏幕,我可能会喜欢这个应用程序。上次更新是1年前?我的iPad被列为兼容,但该应用程序可能需要更新。


This app has a lot of potential, but unfortunately is not easy to use. If you plan to draw your own maps you’ll have a hard time, the tools get in the way, and the UI is terrible. Hopefully this app will be improved in future updates.


I’ve used this app for over a year now, and it has completely changed the way my group plays. I started using it on my phone, shifted over to Steam on Macbook Pro, then got an iPad Pro and each one has worked seamlessly. Not only has it saved me a mint on paper maps, my players and I can now set it up on my TV and have instant digital access to whatever map I want to load into the app before hand. I can annotate it with whatever notes I want for my viewing only. And create maps on the fly. The fog capacity alone has changed the way we play. This app is simple but powerful. It’s not meant to be a substitute for Fantasy Grounds or Roll20–it’s specifically for table top in-person gaming. Get it. You won’t regret it.
我已经使用这个应用程序一年多了,它完全改变了我的团队的游戏方式。我开始在手机上使用它,然后转移到Macbook Pro上的Steam,然后得到了iPad Pro,并且每个都可以无缝工作。它不仅为我节省了纸质地图上的薄荷糖,而且我和我的玩家现在可以在电视上进行设置,并可以即时数字访问我想先加载到应用程序中的任何地图。我可以用任何我想看的笔记来注释它。动态创建地图。仅是雾的容量就改变了我们的游戏方式。这个应用程序很简单,但功能强大。它并不是要代替幻想场地或专门用于台式面对面游戏的Roll20-it。明白了。你不会后悔的。


It glitches and doesn't really do what I want the idea is great though. I hope they fix the bugs soon so I can truly enjoy this app. 它出现故障,并没有真正做到我想要的想法,但是很棒。我希望他们尽快修复错误,这样我才能真正享受这个应用程序。