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Hercules VI游戏截图

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Hercules VI游戏简介

Buckle up and travel to Ancient Greece! Accompany your favorite Greek heroes on a one-of-a-kind journey.

A crime has been committed on the Mount Olympus! Something triggered the alarm and it can only mean trouble! The first hero to respond to the call is Hercules – he quickly arrives to the scene to discover that Zeus been abducted… There is no time to waste: brave hero sets out on the search for Zeus!

Hercules needs to act fast: without Zeus Olympus is facing a political crisis as lesser Gods are trying to take over the reigns!

Tag along and visit the places you’ve never seen before as you clear roads, construct buildings, vanquish beasts and investigate the mysterious disappearance. Can you prove your detective skills and unravel who’s behind Zeus’ abduction?

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime and play Jetdogs’ new spectacular strategy time management game!

Game features:

– Set out on a quest of the century through 50 fascinating levels
– Experience an original detective story and find out who’s behind Zeus’ abduction
– Take on extra challenges and bonus levels for most skilled detectives
– Discover stunning locations: travel to the bottom of the ocean, to the top of the mountain and the depths of the tropical forest

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WE NEED MORE OF THESE GAMES! Since we are in quarantine! Plz!!!!


I’ve enjoyed the Hercules series as a relaxing time management game. This one is very similar to the others, which is what I wanted. It has just enough challenge to keep me interested, but it’s not complicated. I like the guide too for those occasional times when I simply can’t find the puzzle piece or figure out a strategy to get gold. Good job, keep ‘em coming and don’t change the format!


Game is fun but it’s stuck on level 3.10 and I can’t progress. It’s upsetting since I purchased the full game and feel like I was ripped off since the free part was longer than what I paid for.


Been looking for a game like this and I love this game!!!!!


Just played it a bit and it's super fun... don't like the music much though ... it's sad 😭 🎶




But what makes me angry is a company in the Netherlands and Spain has put anti U.S. President rhetoric in the game play 😡 It was bad enough with the drug addict doctor in the Hopes Medicine series never facing consequences for his illegal actions, in fact he was rewarded. If I hadn’t paid for the game I would have deleted it, but I enjoy My Kingdom for the Princess, so I overlooked that. THEN I found the second anti U.S. political comment. Maybe you guys should take a look at your own countries, but maybe you aren’t able to see the news, I have read stories that European news is censored, (example Sweden). Look, gameplay should be fun, relaxing and an escape from the stresses of the day, don’t give in to the temptation to behave in an immature manner, are the comments worth your fans who pay the bills?


Love this game! Definitely worth the price. New challenges every level and the bonuses are great. Provided me with hours of entertainment. A+!


Fun to play


I recently discovered this game series and love it. Only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is the price. Games 1-5 in the series are not more than $4.99, but this one is $9.99 for the same amount of levels and game play. What gives?




Pricey but a lot of fun. Don't forget to look for the puzzle pieces in each level to unlock the bonus levels!


Enjoying it


Really love these games, but they are a bit expensive


I would have given it a 5 star rating except for level 3.5. I honestly believe the puzzle piece is missing on this level. I even looked at that screen with a magnifying glass and still could not find the puzzle piece and played it over and over on the relaxed mode so I could have for more time to look for that puzzle piece. I found all the other puzzle pieces throughout the entire game except this 1 piece which means you don't get to complete 1 of the bonus levels. I have an iPad Air 2 so maybe this piece is off the screen? I've contacted GameHouse about this, so maybe they will address it and fix it if it isn't a player problem. Love the game. It is rare to find a good Time Management game any more. This is just plain fun. Anybody could play it. Buy and enjoy it.


Had 1 & 2, family wanted the rest but picked 6 and now can't go back and get the others. Price is steep if you can't get all other versions


Expensive but worth it. Super fun


I enjoy these games.


loved the game, it was awesome until they try to make you pay $9.99 for it. that's just outrageous.


I enjoyed this game so much! Very challenging to know what obstacles to use and which ones to pass up. I was able to complete 48 of the 56 levels with 3 stars. And yes, I found the puzzle pieces and played the bonus levels. I have played all Hercules and the China Wall games. Great fun! 😄


I love this game




The price is a little steep, but the gameplay is awesome! For those having trouble with bonus levels, each level has a small tile hidden in it, labeled with what looks like an "H". After you find each one (and complete the level), go to the map and tap on the jigsaw puzzle icon for that set of 10 levels and complete the puzzle, which will unlock the bonus level for that set of 10 levels. There are 5 jigsaw puzzle icons on the map screen, hence the 5 bonus levels. There are also levels that have hidden grapes and other objects, but I have yet to figure out what they're for. Hope that helps!


You access bonus levels by getting all the puzzle pieces of the level the octagon capital H. There are more bonuses activated like using work hard power up 4 times the bonus levels tell you what u need.


Can anyone tell me how to access the bonus levels? I purchased the whole game and got 3 stars on every level but when I tap on the bonus levels they say unavailable. I paid way too much money for this game and can't even access all the levels!!




Such a shame that this brilliant franchise has been reduced to merely collecting supplies. What happened to the strategy component? The time management? Please return to what made this game so much fun. Enough with tediously chasing supplies. Very disappointing.