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Plants vs Zombies™ Stickers应用简介

Bring the eternal struggle between plants and zombies into every iMessage with Plants vs. Zombies stickers! Have you often thought the best way to communicate would actually be a dancing Imp zombie? Or have you always wanted to put a Peashooter at the end of a message to your best friend to demonstrate your growing friendship? Now you can do just that and more, with over 90 different static and 20 animated zombie and plant stickers – and a garden’s worth of combinations – to play with in iMessage. The zombies, and the plants, are coming . . . to your texts!

The PvZ World Is Yours
Discover all your plant and zombie favorites from the botanical battle (plus a few new ones), including genius zombie leader Dr. Zomboss and heroic horticulturist Crazy Dave. Flex your zombie muscle with Super Brainz, unleash powerful punch-osity with an animated Bonk Choy, #brains everyone in your address book, and so many others! Plus, customize fun-dead fiends and fighting fauna in iMessage with mustaches, road cones, buckets, and even the hat off Pianist Zombie’s head. With characters from Plants vs. Zombies 2, Garden Warfare, and the whole PvZ blooming universe, the fun doesn’t stop growing!

Easy Stickering
Using the PvZ Sticker Pack in iMessage is easy enough to make you smile like Sunflower. Just bring up the sticker keyboard when sending or replying to a message to scroll through the choices. Pick whatever best reflects your meaning or mood, and with one click, insert it directly into your message. Or, drag and stick a plant or zombie anywhere – on top of words, on top of other stickers, wherever you want. With over 110 choices, including holiday-themed ideas (a zombie for Valentine’s Day is sure to make hearts flutter), cool character and copy combos, and cute and creative animations, you’ll find PvZ stickers to use with everyone you know.

Don’t let your messages be boring any longer – get Plants vs. Zombies stickers!

© 2016 Electronic Arts Inc. Plants vs. Zombies is a trademark of Electronic Arts Inc.

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This is already a good pack because it’s free, but it has 94 stickers for free!? Wow! A better pack then most. Nearly all stickers are animated but don’t let that little bit stop you from purchasing one of the best sticker packs in the world! As for the games, PvZ 1 is a good game and deserves more awards. PvZ 2 is still good and has a even longer story then PvZ 1. PvZ GW is also good and the first third person shooter in the franchise. I have not played PvZ GW2 or PvZ:BFN yet, but this sticker pack is a must purchase!


Good sticker pack BRAINZ


I LOVE these stickers, but sometimes they will disappear from the screen. Even though I put them there! But anyway, great stickers. So many!🧟♂️


Can you make it so you can delete this app I want to but I can’t


This game is really fun and I really liked it and it was just a good game but it would be better if it didn’t have any plants


Plez add morz of doze stickerz. Dey r so goodz!!!!!!!!! Oh, alzo, add crazy dave’z tacoz. And brainz. Oh, alzo, zombozz iz da bezt! The zombiez No, zorry, your momz


So many


I love how good this sticker is with so much of my favorite PVZ characters with the text and NO this is not one of the people who made this just for a good review on this sticker I actually enjoy using them with my friends


Please add a crazy Dave sticker with a taco 🌮 Thanks that would be so cool I love playing plants vs zombies with my brother on the Xbox




Lots of awesome stickers and for free? Get this pack! Probably has 5x more stickers than most of the ones you'll find on the app store.


It worked now thx to the person but i did it in the App Store wired but it worked now so thx


This is by far the LARGEST sticker pack I have ever gotten on the App Store. I love these stickers so much! I have spent at LEAST $11 on a lot of different sticker packs. That's how much I love them. For those who drop the 1-star just because they can't find it on download... they don't appear as normal apps. You need to go to the Messages app, select someone to text, and on the bottom of the screen there should be an icon that resembles the App Store logo. Tap that, then the button on the bottom left corner, then the '+' button, then select Manage, turn on Add All Apps (if prompted to add all apps you already downloaded to the app drawer, press yes), leave the store, and ta-da! You did it! And to 'stick' it on bubbles, hold down on the sticker, and you should see it peel off like a sticker should. While you are still holding it, drag it to the message you want it to go. Then let go. The person on the other side should see it when it's sent, but they ONLY work in iMessage and the other person also upgraded their phone to iOS 10. I hope I helped. 😉


Always love the game and now love the stickers!