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Ask Fortuna应用简介

Ask Fortuna” is an intriguing new fortune-generator for your iPhone or iPad. It creates almost-random sayings and prescient prognostications… ah, but with a twist! These are not plagiarized lists of old quotes, nor are they completely random sentences of computer-speak; They are something in between. “Ask Fortuna” makes millions of uniquely original sayings, guided by “A.I.” (artificial intelligence perhaps) that imbues its prose with poetic and thought-provoking wit. You can save and send your favorite sayings to your friends, and even have “Ask Fortuna” read the saying out loud in one of many computerized voices.

This application is always ready to offer you some stress relief or just a smile, or possibly even some sage advice just at the right time. You never know what sayings Fortuna has in store for you, and like life, it will usually be a fun surprise. They can be saved to your newsletter or blog, sent via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or e-mail, and you could have “read-aloud silliness contests” with friends.

Here are some examples of Ask Fortuna’s serious, absurdly funny, and zen-like generated sayings:
* This month is an auspicious time to play with wild abandon.
* With great power comes a knob that goes to 11.
* A journey of a thousand suggestions begins with a single meeting.
* Your desire is waiting to be fulfilled, if you find the right spot.
* Take care, somebody’s cute pet will cause a nightmare.
* A wise man once said when interruptions cluster, earplugs will be needed.
* Somebody suggested that when your journey seems the longest, look to your friends for guidance.
* Now that you can make a choice, your destiny will go all fractal.

Fortuna is a Roman goddess who personifies luck and fortune, both good and bad. This playful application calls upon her to spin the original ‘wheel of fortune’ and deliver a cornucopia of sayings that are equal parts funny, random, portentous, and thought-provoking. Seek her thoughts, share your wisdom with friends and family, and enjoy!

What can “Ask Fortuna” do?

* Speak to Me * Either automatically or manually speak your fortunes out loud in any of your installed text-to-speech voices (this is an add-on feature.)

* Share * You can send the fortune off to friends on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/e-mail/messaging.

* Bookmark and “Re-In-Karma” * Each fortune has its own unique 16-character “Karma-code” which, if typed in, can instantly re-display that exact fortune again, on any device that is running “Ask Fortuna”. This feature lets you type one of these codes and re-display that particular fortune, or choose a prior “bookmarked” fortune. This is good for bookmarking/saving and revisiting prior funny ones, or sending the code to friends so they can jump to it it too, instant “Re-In-Karma”. Ask Fortuna will save up to 10 of these bookmarked fortunes, with older ones dropping off as you bookmark new ones.

* Daily Dose * Do you want a daily fortune without even running the app? There’s a setting for that! Just turn on “Daily Fortunes”, choose an hour of the day to have it delivered, and now every day like clockwork, you will get a new fortune from the goddess! You can read it in place in the notification center, or click it to have it displayed in the “Ask Fortuna” app.

* Shake it Up * Shaking the iPad/iPhone will automatically generate a new fortune, somewhat like a “Magic 8-ball”.

* Personalize * Fortuna bonds to you, and your fortunes are different from anyone else! Try it! If you and a friend start “Ask Fortuna” on two different devices at exactly the same time, you will each get different sets of fortunes.

* Customize * The Preferences dialog (or Settings page) lets you customize the appearance, choosing a favorite color as a backdrop tint behind the text, and turning on/off sound effects for the buttons. This is also where you can “test-drive” the computer-voices and purchase the “Speak-to-me” feature.

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