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Visiting India anytime soon? Enjoy the Indian Food, Street markets, holy cities and Architecture with Travel India SMART Country Guide. India is more beautiful and intricate than what you have been expecting. With more than 19000 elements of India to experience in 19 categories like Historical Hangouts, Carnival and Festivals, Wildlife Wanderings and a lot more, Travel India SMART Country Guide is sure a SMART way to travel. Visit cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Jaipur. Experience the modern as well as the ancient India. Visit a Palace in Rajasthan, enjoy the folk dance with regional cuisine at sunset or click one pic at Taj Mahal!

India Travel Guide is a comprehensive travel guide equipped with all the information that you require to explore in India. This travel app works offline to help you better! Apart from this, it tells you Why, When and How to visit various Indian places with precise location on the detailed Maps. Pin your destinations and get the route on the Map. Not only this, you can see exactly how the place looks like with Street View integrated in this app.

Travel India SMART Country Guide is divided into the following categories:-

1. Historical Hangouts
2. Art Aficionados
3. Carnivals & Festivals
4. Nature Nomads
5. Spiritual Sanctuaries
6. Wildlife Wanderings
7. Celebrities Cells
8. Business Boulevards
9. Transportation Hubs
10. Cuisine
11. Routes
12. Historical Events
13. Outlook
14. Language & Phrases
15. Movies
16. Wildlife
17. Sports
18. What’s News
19. Facts

Main Features
*Routes with Pit Stops not only take you to the destination in India but show other fascinating places too.
*Airways, Roadways, Railways and Waterways information for a trouble free travel
*Understand and have a closer look at the Indian wildlife with Wildlife Wanderings
*Not only taste but learn to cook Indian delicacies
*Communicate in India like Indians! Learn from your own Language!
*Get live news from India
*Separate section for main Attractions of India!

Travel India SMART Country Guide is all that you need to explore India. This travel app which is all about travelling in India will give you a virtual trip so mesmerising that you will go for the real one!

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