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Farm Dozer游戏简介

The most addictive coin pusher game Ever!

Relive your chilhood memories with classical arcade game of farming festivals. Play like a hero, drop constant flow of coins, attack with eggs, spin casino style slots, try your luck at fortune wheel and quest through the valley of adventures and advance through terrains by unlocking wonderful items and powers.

Farm dozer offers fun collectable like cows, flower baskets, scarecrows, tractors, watering cans and alot more. This ads-free farming game presents right mix of anticipation and luck. If you feel luck is not on your side, try spinning Fortune Wheel and unlock premium village items, along with that we have Slots for you to unlock special farming items.

Farm dozer: Coin Carnival features:
– Dozens of farming prizes to collect!
– Monthly live events and special adorable characters!
– World Class 3D graphics to relive a farm life.
– Special quests where fun collectables and animals help unlock upgrades
– Superb coin dozer physics, special effects and animations that light up your Farm
– Fun chips with unique pusher powers that can be upgraded
– Village’s Slots: Our slots machine mini-game to win tons of prizes
– Animal Fortune Wheel: Spin the wheel of fortune to win special rewards
– Compete on leaderboards and unlock achievements
– Look out for awesome new updates!

For support please contact krypton.surfer@gmail.com

Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/coinparty and join our active community of players!

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I’ve been playing off and on for several years. I deleted it after I reached an all time record and now I’m starting over. I still love it. Pluck pluck pluck away


Extremely challenging I’ve reached level 70 can’t go any higher. Is level 70 the highest it goes????


Played this game ages ago on android platform and it was smooth as butter. Now it's jerky, lagtime is impossible too. I'll place a coin and it takes a full second before it drops. AND THIS IS ON MY IPHONE 11! I'm sure the hardware is much better so why is the game so buggy?


Love this game it so fun to play and love the graphics


They don’t work


Fun game very addictive you will not be bored


I love love love it,,,,


Love the game it's so fun to play. Can't get enough.


Love it


Love it! 😀😀😀


Easy to play Great time killer