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With this release, you’ll discover new enhancements to Tip Board to help make your day more magical! Tip Board can tell you if you are eligible to: Move between Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park on the same day. Choose a Lightning Lane arrival window for select attractions. Make individual Lightning Lane purchases. We introduced car locator, a complimentary feature that helps save your parking information at select parking locations. Plus D23 members can see their affiliation reflected in the app and eligible member discounts will automatically be applied. We also fixed bugs and improved overall app performance.




Download the official app for the Disneyland® Resort! Enhance your next visit with an enchanting mobile experience. Buy your tickets, see wait times, browse maps, locate Disney Characters appearing throughout the parks and much more!

• See Info in a Flash: See upcoming plans and relevant park info with your dynamic home screen feed.

• Check Wait Times: See attraction wait times for Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park at a glance.

• Skip the Ticket Lines: Buy park tickets* with the app and show your barcode at the gate for admission when you first get to the park! No ticket booth lines to stand in or e-tickets to print out.

• Order Ahead and Save Time: Enjoy mobile food and beverage ordering at select dining locations.

• Make Dining Plans: Browse restaurant menus and make dining reservations right on your device. Then, conveniently check in for your reservation via the app at participating locations. No reservation? You can add your party to the mobile walk-up list at select restaurants.

• View Disney PhotoPass® photos: Enjoy unlimited downloads of your photos taken by our professionally trained PhotoPass photographers at magical must have iconic locations and select attractions when you purchase PhotoPass+. Don’t forget to ask your PhotoPass photographers for Magic Shots to add those extra shots only available from Disney PhotoPass® service.†

• Exploring Made Easy: Find what you’re looking for quickly with GPS-enabled maps that show your location and the attractions, restaurants, shops and more near you.

• A Must-Have for Passholders: Link your passport to view blockout calendars and expiration dates. Show your digital barcode at the gate for admission when you arrive!**

• Locate Favorite Characters: You’ll magically know when and where Disney Characters are appearing in the parks.

• The Details You Need: See park hours, schedules, accessibility information and descriptions for attractions, dining and more.

*U.S. and Japan residents only.

**Annual Passholders: Don’t Forget to Bring Your Passport!

You’ll still need to show a valid Annual Passport card for Passholder discounts and more.

†Disney PhotoPass is subject to the Disney PhotoPass terms and expiration policy.

Note: Some app features require location data or for you to register by providing your full name, country, birthdate and email address in order to use them. If Bluetooth is enabled on your device, this app will also collect your precise location information through beacon technology in order to improve your in-park experience, such as wait times. Optional planning tools may also ask you about your travel party or allow you to save a credit card to your profile for online purchases.

This app provides you with the option to receive push notifications for information relating to your visit to a Park or stay at a Disney Resort hotel.

Features include the ability to make purchases and require a Wi-Fi or mobile carrier data connection. Must be 18 years or older to make purchases.

Terms of Use: http://disneytermsofuse.com/

Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com/

Your California Privacy Rights: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/current-privacy-policy/your-california-privacy-rights/

“Do Not Sell My Personal Information” Rights: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi


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啊!布里克胡子上尉在这里。你准备好在乐高乐园打造完美的一天了®加州度假村?当涉及到加州乐高乐园度假村的冒险时,你将要下载的应用程序是每个海盗的宝库。您将能够: · 偷看一下等待时间 • 在公园中导航 • 设置提醒,这样你就不会错过你最喜欢的节目 • 使用我们的计划工具,在您到达之前获取您的访问所需的所有信息。告诉应..
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帮助女孩们实现公主梦想的应用迪士尼官方发布 每一个女孩都能成为公主,只要你拥有一颗美丽的心灵!你扮演着哪位公主的角色? 慷慨的白雪公主?勇敢的爱丽儿公主?还是善良的仙蒂公主? 《我们是公主》,一起来实现公主的华丽蜕变吧!通过这款应用,你可以制作公主裙、烹饪美食、弹奏音乐、拍美照、看视频、玩游戏,体验公主的童话世界! •公主厨房:化身白雪公主,为辛苦劳作的小矮..
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1. 官方APP只有英文版,没有其他语言选择; 2. Map上显示的等待时间到底是哪家乐园的?官方APP只显示加州乐园的吗?那其他乐园不属于迪斯尼了吗?犯这么低级的错误?太垃圾了吧


It collapses every time I try to register




Payment failed






it is better if somebody could choice language




Not good


有几次付款后照片还是无法下载 重复付款多次总算最后又一次成功了 也不知道能不能退款




A happy day.






无论在什么情况下 国内国外 WiFi 4G 登陆时一直是闪退 怎么都不行~晕了~能修复下吗