Pink – I’m Not Dead

I'm Not Dead

再怎么钟爱的另类摇滚,也有厌倦的时候;不是老调不好,只是该换台了——咔咔,还是另类摇滚:)哈哈。挺切题,I’m Not Dead!——我还没有死,就在你身上纹身的墨迹间游走!

哪怕是在一堆标榜朋克的流行女歌手中,Pink 也算显眼的一个,鲜明的特性和实力几可比拟 Avril;真要比的话,她是比艾薇儿“强悍”,这张专辑就可以听得出来。PS:留意封套左下角有“STRONG LANGUAGE”字样,哈!封套基本都可以看出她的爆发力了,确实是不多令人听得痛快的女歌手。不仅如此,难得的是她又是一位快慢自得的歌手,专辑中的各种风格听来都是那么收放自如,叹!

Pink,原名 Alecia Moore。参与演唱了《红磨坊》电影主题曲《Lady Marmalade》,赢得葛莱美奖及 MTV 音乐录影带大奖(VMA)双项大奖,后开始真正走红。今年算来也有二十好几了,自从 2003 的第三张《Try This》以来,第四专辑专辑《I’m Not Dead》也在三年后响亮回归。电台听到她的“U + Ur Hand”和“Who Knew”都是出自这张专辑,好感递增中……实际上,它被认为是 Pink 最出色的一张。

专辑:I’m Not Dead (2006)


  1. Stupid Girls
  2. Who Knew [MV]
  3. Long Way To Happy
  4. Nobody Knows [MV]
  5. Dear Mr President
  6. I’m Not Dead [MV]
  7. Cuz I Can
  8. Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) [MV]
  9. U + Ur Hand
  10. Runaway
  11. One That Got Away
  12. I Got Money Now
  13. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
  14. Fingers
  15. Centerfold
  16. I Have Seen The Rain (Hidden Track)

Pink – I’m Not Dead [MV]

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
There’s always cracks
Crack of sunlight
Crack in the mirror on your lips
It’s the moment of a sunset Friday
When our conversations twist
It’s the fifth day of ice on a new tattoo
But the ice should be on our heads
We only spun the web to catch ourselves
So we weren’t left for dead

And I was never looking for approval from anyone but you
And though this journey is over I’ll go back if you ask me to

I’m not dead just floating
Right between the ink of your tattoo

In the belly of the beast we turned into
I’m not scared just changing
Right beyond the cigarette and the devilish smile
You’re my crack of sunlight

You can do the math a thousand ways but you can’t erase the facts
That others come and others go but you always come back
I’m a winter flower underground always thirsty for summer rain
And just like the change of seasons
I know you’ll be back again

I’m not dead just floating
Underneath the ink of my tattoo

I’ve tried to hide my scars from you
I’m not scared just changing
Right beyond the cigarette and the devilish smile
You’re my crack of sunlight oh

I’m not dead just yet
I’m not dead I’m just floating
Doesn’t matter where I’m going
I’ll find you
I’m not scared at all
Underneath the cuts and bruises
Finally gained what no one loses
I’ll find you
I will find you

I’m not dead just floating
I’m not scared just changing
You’re my crack of sunlight yeah

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5 thoughts on “Pink – I’m Not Dead

  1. hanson1260


  2. lillian-yan

    夏天听过她的U&Ur hand ,很朋克,(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……现在还保存在mp3里……

  3. Link

    像 Lady Marmalade 这种节奏简单音阶起跌的R&B,是鬼佬大爱,特别是合唱版。我承认是很牛,但听起来,总感觉好一般:)

  4. void

    听过她的《Don’t Let Me Get Me》、《Get The Party Started》

    “Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears
    She’s so pretty, that just ain’t me”
    非常有意思 😉

    Lady Marmalade里有Christina Aguilera,呵呵