Quietdrive – Let Me Go In

When All That's Left Is You

Quietdrive is a five-piece band hailing out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Band members Justin Bonhiver (guitar), Droo Hastings (bass), and Brandon Lanier (drums) went to high school and played in local bands together, including ‘Fury.’ Regrouping and forming Quietdrive in 2002, they added Kevin Truckenmiller (vocals, guitar, violin), and the group started playing a catchy, unique, alt-rock sound.

Truckenmiller’s side project at the time, ‘Sneaker 2 Bombs,’ featured college buddy Matt Kirby (back-up vocals, second guitar). In 2004, Quietdrive and S2B merged and called themselves ‘Sneaker 2 Bombs.’ Signed to Sony/Epic records in early 2005, the band once again changed their name, this time to ‘The Never Ending,’ but quickly made the permanent change back to ‘Quietdrive.’

When All That’s Left Is You is Quietdrive’s first LP, released in May of 2006. Its first single was “Rise from the Ashes” and was featured on EA’s NHL 2007 soundtrack. Their cover of the Cyndi Lauper song “Time After Time” is currently being used in promotions for the WNBA for its “Have You Seen Her‘” campaign. And also, that song was featured in the movie John Tucker Must Die which came out in Australia on the 7th Sept 2006.

在电台听到的是那首“Time After Time”,查了资料才知道是翻唱的呢,汗,跟原唱的风格好不同。乐队去年发行的这张处女专辑,在国内的现在来说,算新手和新专辑了。又是另类五人校园乐队,似乎听得出一股很浓的未脱稚气,主唱的声音挺不错,很耐听。下载连接少啊,打包下载又太慢,将就。另外貌似有个软件跟乐队同名啊。

专辑:When All That’s Left Is You
发行:Red Int/Red Ink
风格:Alternative Pop&Rock / Emo / Punk-Pop


  1. Rise From The Ashes [MV]
  2. Get Up
  3. Take A Drink With Me
  4. Let Me Go In
  5. Rush Together
  6. Maybe Misery
  7. I Lie Awake
  8. The Seasons
  9. Time After Time [MV]
  10. Both Ways
  11. Quietdrive – Rise From The Ashes (Acoustic)

Quietdrive – Let Me Go In

Best of luck to you my friend
‘Cause I know I’m not giving in
Although I never thought
These words would come back to me
I never wanted my choices to
Be happy like this

Just let me go in
Without your love
And let me begin
To find in us
A love that could find another way
In you somehow

I talked to her a thousand times before
This time she fell to pieces
I – I won’t insist upon telling the truth
I’ve always thought guys like me wouldn’t
Be happy like this

And when you could find apologies
You could be brought back to the class
I thought I knew

I talked to her a thousand times before
This time she fell to pieces
I wanted her to act like she did before
But this time she fell to pieces

But it’s all in time
(I talked to her a thousand times before)
And it’s all this time
(This time she fell to pieces)
So I hope with my life
She doesn’t find out the truth
‘Cause this is what I could do
Right now
This is my bodily surrender
Here’s all the things that I remember
I’ve wanted to tell you the truth
But I can’t right now

(Could find another way)
A love that could find the words to say
(Could find the words to say)
So you can be brought back to the class
I never knew

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