To/Die/For – This World is Made for Me

To/Die/For - IV

To/Die/For,来自芬兰,是支注重技术的歌特死亡金属乐队。《IV》是乐队 2005 年最新专辑。个人非常喜欢第二首 This World is Made for Me,乐队名就已经酷到没得顶了,歌曲名更是让人无比沉醉。可谓一见钟情,欲罢不能!

风格:Death/Gothic Metal


  1. Autumn Forever
  2. This World is Made for Me
  3. Lies (for Fools)
  4. New Year’s Day
  5. Chaotic Me
  6. Little Deaths
  7. No Turning Back
  8. Fragmented
  9. Endlessly
  10. Last Breath

To/Die/For – This World Is Made For Me

Can’t lay my heart to rest
I’m filthy and unkind
I’m heartless
A disbeliever and unclean
Nothing is what it seems
I’m a liar

I’m here in the right place
This world belongs…

…for the restless
For the anxious and for the hopeless
For the heartless
…this world is made for me…

Quiet conscience sleeps through thunder so they say
But I’m alright
I’ll be punished later so they say but why should I care
I’m a winner right here

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4 thoughts on “To/Die/For – This World is Made for Me

  1. Link

    哈,听你这么说真让我迫不及待,去 VeryCD 看看先。

  2. ER

    TO/DIE/FOR 是我最喜欢的乐队 如果你能听到他们以前的专辑 你会更喜欢这个乐队的~~

  3. cythina